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Lisa Weihbrecht, Sr Director

Who is this email going to?

Hi Team-This special edition newsletter is going to those on my FRONT LINE only, those that have me as their mentor!

SOAR Event RECAP and Clarification

It was great to see many of you at SOAR Saturday and the pictures you shared from your events. I know there are still a few more this week. I will be hosting a LIVE Facebook/Conference Clarification call on February 9th 8:00 PM EST. Join us live on the call, follow along on FACEBOOK or do both! Here is the conference call info:

Conference dial-in number: (641) 715-3610
Participant access code: 715917

Prior to the call, take a moment to read through the FAQS document at

If you are unable to attend the call and have questions feel free to email me at or call me at 609 335 0474.

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What's Your Biggest Regret? (Nobody Wants To Admit The Worst One Of All)

No Regrets! It's a CLEAN SLATE

2015 is over and we're going to leave it where it belongs...behind us. Take a moment to watch the above video. Write down in pencil your biggest regrets. Once you are done watching the video, take an eraser and erase your regrets. What are you staring at? A blank page! It's time to start writing your story and it's never too late to get started. Some of you may have taken some time off from your Origami Owl business or maybe you were waiting for things to settle down. Things have settled and now it's time to start reaching for your dreams. What do you want from your business? Do you want a little extra income each month? How much? Do you want to build or in some cases rebuild? Our new career plan makes it even easier for you to build a business and team by removing the difficult structure that was so daunting to many.

Last year was indeed a challenge for myself as well. As the dynamic of our team changed, I had an increase in the number of Designers that are now part of my front line. Within 2 months over 80 Designers rolled up or joined our team. I want to sincerely apologize for not reaching out to each of you individually. This increase took place during the busiest time of the season and in the essence of time, I was unable to reach out to each of you individually. Here are the plans I am implementing in 2016:

1) Bimonthly calls with Leaders and Designers who want them

2) Weekly Opportunity Calls (every Monday) for potential new Designers that you invite to join

3) Weekly newsletter for DIRECTS only

4) Monthly Newsletter for entire successline including recognition, welcoming new Designers, tips, etc.

5) Incentives for my DIRECTS only for $99 PV, $250 PV (Storybuilders), Paid-at and promotions to Team Leader, and Owlchievers

6) Monthly Booking Blitz (first Monday of the month)

7) Monthly Webinar/Team Meeting locally and online (dates to follow)

Everyone has a WHY for joining Origami Owl and that is going to be unique for each of us but the MAJORITY of us have a common goal and it's financially driven. It could be to pay off debt, take a vacation, pay for dance lessons, etc. Our financial goal helps us to support our WHY. I conducted a survey asking everyone how much money they want to earn from their O2 business. Not one person responded to $.15-30.00/month. The majority of people responded $100 or more. If you financial goal is to earn $100 commission or more, you will reach Storybuilder ($250) with no problem! That's one Jewelry Bar/month which is 3 hours a month! Those who want more, go for it! But only a very small percentage if any invested and started a business to earn $30/month every 4 months which is what you will earn by doing the bare minimum of $99 PV every 4 months. What's your DREAM? What's your financial GOAL? These are the questions I will be asking for those who want to reach their goals and I am here to support and encourage you to reach your goals. I can not want it for you and I can't make it happen for you but I will be here to mentor, support, encourage and celebrate your success!


If you have one or more Designers on your team, you are a Leader and a Mentor. If you are no longer engaged in your business, please email me at If you are not engaged, you may have team members on your team that you brought into the business or that you inherited. that are engaged. I will be reaching out to those team members on my level 2 that no longer have an active mentor. It is not fair to those Designers to be left in the dark. This is not meant to be mean or ugly but think about it from their perspective. Wouldn't you want a mentor that is engaged and supporting you? They deserve the support and encouragement of an active mentor. If you go 3 straight months with less then $99 PV you will automatically lose your team, title and go to "inactive" status. You can reactivate simply by submitting $99 PV or more in a month however, you will not regain your team. Your team will roll up to an active mentor.

Many of you have the structure or are VERY close to having the structure to promote to the next career level. If there was ever a time to reengage, it's now! We have an amazing Executive Team in place that is supportive and encouraging. They are out in the field, reaching out to the field and helping ALL OF US to reach our goals and dreams. We have incentives, a new Designer program and training, new products coming almost monthly! We have a generous career plan that offers somethings that NO OTHER Direct Sales company has to offer. Make 2016 YOUR YEAR! You CAN do it! Don't let the past cloud your future! Leave it where it belongs and let's move mountains!


Origami Owl is offering some AMAZING incentives for different achievements but what do you think about some incentives JUST FOR YOU?! Pretty amazing, huh? Stay tuned for the WHOOT Directs Incentive Program!!!! You can earn CASH, product and business supplies! WHOOT WHOOT! These will start in February!! Yup...FEBRUARY...Here is just one of the amazing incentives:

Team Leader: If you get PAID AT Team Leader or ABOVE in the month of February, you will get a CASH BONUS of $50! If you reach it in two months in a row, it will DOUBLE to $100! If you reach it three months in a row, yup, it triples to $150! This incentive will run until August 1st.

Leader/Owlchiever BUCKET o' Cash! Each time a Designer reaches Team Leader or above, $25 will go in a bucket. If you reach Owlchiever, you receive 2 entries. One lucky winner will be pulled monthly to win the BUCKET o' Cash! How fun is that??

StoryBuilder Bucket o'Cash or Prizes Each time a Designer reaches $250-499 PV CASH or Product or Business supplies will accumulate. One lucky StoryBuilder will win the bucket of cash OR prizes.

BUT WAIT...there's more!

Active Designer Bucket of Prizes. For every Designer that has $99-249 PV a business supply pack (TOMS, Order Forms, etc) will go into a bucket. One lucky winner will win the Bucket o'Prizes!

HOW MUCH FUN IS THAT?????? Who wants to win a BUCKET O' FUN!????

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Let's get Started!

It's a entirely new O2 and now its time for an entirely new you! So, here is my challenge to you.

1) Please tell me that you found the courage to dream and have taken the first step toward your dream by writing down one goal that will lead in the direction of your dream.

2) Let me know how I can help you? Are you focused on selling and earning $100 commission or more? Do you want to be a Storybuilder? Do you want to build a Team? Do you want to make Owlchiever?

3) Confirm you have downloaded the Vital Behavior tracker and have committed to make TODAY your first day of never missing a day of inviting, wearing and personal development.

Thirty seconds of INSANE courage and I promise you something amazing will happen! You can do it!