Science 7 Newsletter

Hicksville Middle School

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Thank you for your support!

Project Complete: This past week students submitted their final surveys to the Ohio Energy Project to complete their participation in the program. I hope that you and your student learned more about your home and energy usage through the completion of these activities.

Comments on the program? Any feedback on our participation in the program would be appreciated. Was there a particular home activity you and your student especially enjoyed?

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Grades for this week?

Science 7 students will be earning grades on the following assignments for the week:

  1. Science 7 Post Test Review Guide: On Thursday (4/7), students received the review guide for the Science 7 Post Test. The Physical Science section of this review guide was assigned for homework on Friday and will be checked on Monday (4/11), for notebook points.
  2. Science 7 Post Test: On Tuesday (4/12), students will complete the Science 7 Post Test, covering material learned between August and the present. This post test is used as a measure of student growth throughout the year and will be entered as a test grade in PowerSchool.
  3. Mendeleev Zaption: On Thursday (4/14), students are to complete The Genius of Mendeleev's Periodic Table Zaption by 8:00AM on Friday (4/15). Notebook points will be awarded for successful completion of this assignment.
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