By Kaila Sukles


The inner core is around 5,000-6,000°C and The outer core is about 4,000-5000°C

The thickness of the inner core is about 1,220km and the depth is 3,200-3,960km

The depth of the outer core is about 1,800-3,200km.

The thickness outer core is about 2,200km.

There are two sub layers, the inner core and the outer core. The outer core is a liquid and the inner core is a solid.

Both the inner core and the outer core are made up of Nickel (NiFe) and Iron.

Because the outer core moves around the inner core, earth's magnetic force is created. It compresses the inner core making it as hot as the surface of the sun.

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The mantle is a layer of the earth located right under the crust. The mantle's temperature is around 500-900°C.

The mantle has two sub layers, the upper mantle, and the lower mantle. The Asthenosphere, Lithosphere, and the Mesosphere are in the mantle.

The mantle's depth is about 2,900-4,500km and the thickness is approximately 2,900km.

The mantle is mostly made up of peridotite, iron, oxides, and sulphides of silicon and magnesium.

The mantle takes up 67% of the Earth.

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The crust has two sub layers, the oceanic and the continental crust.

The Crust is around 5-70 km. It is a solid, the temperature is about 100-200°C, when your on the surface it depends on the latitude.

The crust is deepest at the continental crust (mountains). And thinnest At the Oceanic crust (under the ocean\Ocean floor), the continental crust it is about 3 times thicker than the Oceanic crust.

The crust is mostly made of granite and basalt. It is .473% of the earths mass.

Mantle convection

The Lithosphere plates float on the Asthenosphere, and the currents under in the mantle move in a circular motion. The hot liquids rise to the top making the plates slide together, forming mountains and volcanoes, in the volcanoes their are "hot pockets" holding hot magma. But meanwhile the denser colder liquid sinks pulling the plates down. The heat comes from the core and make the mantle heated. The plates move over long periods of time.
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Convection Currents