Rough & Tough Dogs


Types of Sled Dogs

  • Siberian huskies and Alaskan malamutes are most common
  • Samoyeds also compete
  • Dogs are usually two feet and sixty centimeters tall
  • dogs weigh forty to eighty pounds
  • Sled dogs have protective outer layers of skin
  • Under coat allows dogs to sleep in freezing temperatures
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About Dogsledding

  • Dogsledding found mainly North and East Coastal Greenland
  • Sleds are light enough so it can travel ten miles per hour

  • Run in fan formation
  • Lead dogs leads the other dogs through obstacles
  • Sled team has to at least have twelve dogs on the team
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How Dogs Prepare

  • Dogs must be chipped
  • Dogs must be up to date on vaccines
  • Dogs must be treated for diseases
  • Health of dogs must be recorded at certain point
  • Dogs must be in healthy conditions for races

How Mushers Prepare

Multipurpose Tool:

  • Used to fix broken equipment

Steel Wire:

  • Keeps fire off snow

Duct Tape:

  • Can provide support for broken bones

Small Cooking Pot With Lid:

  • Boil rice and heat water

Wood Powered Camp Stove

  • Keep mushers and dogs warm

Lighters and Matches:

  • To make fires and keep them lit

History of Dogsledding

  • Over 1,000 years ago dogsleds were used
  • Originally used for hunting, mail services, and labor (work)
  • Currently used for racing
  • Diphtheria (disease) forced mushers to retrieve the medication (Feb. 1925)

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