Maximising our students' success

Our students achieve their qualifications and Go Further.

This year we want all of our students to achieve their qualifications and at the highest level possible.

This is our summer term 'Operation 100% Achievement'

What is our predicted success rate for 2013/14?

Our current student retention is 91.5%.

Through all of our students achieving their qualifications and securing 100% achievement, our success rate will be 91.5%. Success is calculated by multiplying retention by achievement.

This will be a significant improvement on last year's overall success rate which was 83%.

What can we now all do to ensure our students achieve their qualifications?

There are 3 main actions we can all contribute to in order to achieve our success rate target of 88%:

  1. Keep all of our current students on their course until they complete.
  2. Work with and support all our students on an individual basis to ensure they achieve their qualifications this year.
  3. Ensure all our achievement is with the Exams team by 31st July 2014.

We also need to focus on our students' progression

In addition to our students successfully completing their qualifications at the highest level, we also need to ensure they progress onto the next step that is right for them. This might include a higher level of study in college or into employment, training/apprenticeships or higher education.

What success rate will we aim to achieve in 2014/15?

At the end of 2014/15 our aim as a college is to achieve an overall success rate of at least 92%. Together with consistently good or better quality teaching, learning and assessment, we will be able to self assess as a Grade 1 - Outstanding college!