Andrew Jackson

The Despicable Zero

The Trail of Tears

Andrew Jackson led the Cherokee tribe out of Georgia and made them travel hundreds of miles all the way to Oklahoma! Merely for some petty gold. The survival rate of the Cherokee was 50%, which is outrageous. Basically the trail of tears was more or less a trail of slaughter for wealth.

Countless Perilous Duels

Andrew Jackson participated in multiple duels, even one where he was shot in his chest. Andrew Jackson you could say was an adrenaline junky. He would constantly get in duels over some pretty dumb stuff. For one of his duels Jackson was being talked smack about and challenged to a duel during one his campaign. So Jackson being as stubborn as he is accepted the duel. When the duel started Jackson was shot straight in the chest. Yet he hadn't fired his shot yet so he aimed down his sights and shot the man straight in the head. Surprisingly he survived ,yet he compromised his life just because of some scum who disrespected him.

National Bank

Andrew Jackson's main nemesis was the national bank. He felt that the national bank was horrible. He fired every person that would disagree with him on his opinions on the national bank. Which I feel is not a very smart way to find employees. Eventually at the beginning of his second presidency he finally slayed the beast called the national bank.
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Political Cartoon

This cartoon depicts Andrew Jackson taking down the federal bank also called the national bank. He also called the national bank the multiple headed hydra.

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Andrew Jackson at the end of one of his duels