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HSEA works to connect teachers with teachers while advancing the profession of teaching.

It's a NEW SCHOOL YEAR edition! October 2018

Words From Our President...

Busy! I grew up with parents who were busy, especially in the summer! My parents and I worked in our restaurant during the day. It closed at 3:00 PM. We hustled home and quickly changed clothes because it was time to go work at the softball stadium every night of the week. On weekends, the restaurant was closed which enabled us to work all day and evening at the ball park. I attended school during the year to take a break!

Busy! You have to excuse me as I reflect on the past quite a bit. That is certainly part of the danger due to being a history teacher! :) Busy! Let’s shift to school. Let’s look at synonyms for “busy.” According to www.Thesaurus.com, the following synonyms exist for busy: active, unavailable, working, buried, employed, engaged, engrossed, hustling, occupied, overloaded, persevering, snowed, swamped, already taken, assiduous, at it, diligent, having a full plate, having enough on one’s plate, having fish to fry, having many irons in the fire, in a meeting, in conference, in someone else’s possession, in the field, in the laboratory, industrious, on assignment, on duty, on the go, tied up, up to one’s ear, or with a customer. Whew! Many ways exist to be “busy.”

Busy! I have had the privilege to be a teacher for decades. I remember mentor teachers telling me how much easier teaching gets with experience. Today, I think teaching is not just busy in fact it is a full plate, a feeling of being swamped and overloaded. In fact, in a word…. A teacher is busy! As someone who works to support teachers, I struggle to have the answers as to how to be less busy.

Busy! My challenge to everyone reading this epistle would be to find a way to reduce “having too many irons in the fire” for teachers and administrators. Let’s put our collective energy together to be less “overloaded” and thus less busy!


President - Janet Chandler

Executive Vice-President - Ben Yoder

Vice-President Membership & Elections - Megan Ewing

Vice-President Politcal Action - Kelli Hanes

Vice-President Communications&Public Relations - Leslie Brown

Treasurer - Mary Carson

Secretary - Abby Taylor

BUSY SUMMER at the NEA-RA! Check out ALL of this insight, from HSEA member Katie Gelhar (Hamilton Southeastern High School)

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NEA RA: For the Common Good By: Katie Gelhar (HSE HS)

United we stand, divided we fall…

This summer, I represented HSEA as one of its delegates to the National Education Association’s annual Representative Assembly.

I know it is a cliché, but it rings true over 150 years later. Over the past few years, politics has increased its divisive language. The country has become more polarized. We separate ourselves by the color of our politics. The time for educators to stand together and unite is now. We may be of different backgrounds and politics, but I believe we can agree that our nation is stronger when we agree that strong public schools make this nation stronger. Public schools systems are the foundational backbone of this great nation. We are the largest restaurant in the nation, serving the most meals every day. We are the largest provider of care, acting “in loco parentis” (temporary parent), every day. The NEA is the largest union in the country with over 3 million members. We can be an influential player in the politics of this nation.

Close to 7,000 delegates from every state united to take a stand for public education in America this summer. It was an inspiring group of people who are dedicated to their profession and dedicated to their students. The danger of the political climate would have made it easy to divide into factions. Yet the goal of supporting public education was too large. We rose above the politics to do what is best and necessary for our students. Our voices are more important now than ever before. We need to work together with our family, friends, co-workers to raise our voices for our most vulnerable population, our students. As Ohio Gov. John Kasich said “Language of division is not helpful to us.” Let’s set aside our differences, join together, raise our voices for the pursuit and protection of public education in this country.

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Education is COUNTING on YOU!

Membership Drive 2018

What a wonderful membership drive thus far! WAY TO GO HSEA! Keep looking for new members, and keep them coming! 800 MEMBERS! GO US!

We love being busy with signing up all of the new HSEA recruits! Map out your buildings, ARs, and chat with those teachers who need more information! We grow, and we get strong!

Thanks for all you have done!

2018-2019 AR meeting dates: (All at FHS LGI room):

November 14th ---4:15 PM--5 PM
January 16th --4:15 PM--5 PM
March 13th --4:15 PM - 5 PM
May 8th ---4:15 PM - 5 PM

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October is here, VOTING time is around the corner! EVERYONE is busy, but remember, ALWAYS take time for yourself! Taking care of yourself IS part of taking care of your kids! Self-respect, take a breath, do your best!