Willow Weekly

July 14, 2017

How can I connect? How can I support my school?

Wondering how you can connect with our amazing parents who do so much for the kids at our school??? Maybe you'd like to get involved a lot, or a little.... either way, we could sure use your support! The WSES PTA will be hosting their annual Open House on Thursday July 20th in the cafeteria from 6:30-8pm. They will have information booths, snacks, give-aways and door prizes (including a gift card for The Pit). Please be sure to come by and meet your PTA and see what they are up to this year!


Thanks for being patient with our buses and new drivers. Remember we will have kindergarten students riding for the first time this week, so expect some delays as drivers are initiating our newest Baby Bengals in bus procedures and welcoming them aboard. Please remind your child that their behavior should be appropriate on the bus for their own safety, and that of others! We want our drivers to be able to focus on the road and not have to worry about the behavior of our students while driving. We appreciate your continued support with this!

School Safety

This week has been full of new information for your child, and much of it has involved students in practices for safety. They participated in a bus evacuation drill (if they ride the bus) as well as a fire drill, which we practice each month. Twice a year, we will hold a lock-down drill to be sure that students know exactly what to do in case of an emergency. We will hold that drill once students become a little more comfortable in their class this year.

Our school is outfitted with many cameras, as well as door locks for security. When arriving to school after arrival (9:30) please ring the doorbell on the left-hand wall of the entrance and speak with the front desk about your visit. If you could stay at the doorbell and talk into the camera, it will allow us to identify you so that we can allow entry. Our door release works the middle door, so please enter in the center!

Please be prepared to show your id when checking out your child from 9:20-3:30 until we are able to recognize you. For safety in transition, we do not allow check-outs after 3:30.

School Calendar

WCPSS has made several changes to the year-round calendar and there may be some incorrect information out there about Early Release Dates. Our welcome letter also includes those errors. We apologize for the confusion, and ask that you note these Early Release Dates as official:

August 18

September 29

October 20

November 21

December 21

February 9

March 2

March 9

Lunch Prices 2017-18 School Year

$2.35 - Lunch

$1.25 - Breakfast

Remember you can go to www.Myschoolbucks.com to keep money on your child's account. You will need their Powerschool number (same as lunch and media number.)