Raffi's Science 6 Flyer

This is all about the science 6 things in quarter 1

A little detail to Science 6

In Science 6 we will do many things, but right now we finished "Intro to Science 6". In this unit we did classifying labs, qualitative and quantitative labs, we even did observation and infrincing labs. My favorite lab was the microscope lab because we could see so many cool things. Now we are just finishing latitude and longitude labs.

Triple Beam Balance

This is a triple beam balance. You use this to measure things in grams. First you use the 100 grams bar too get as close to 0 as possible. Then you use the 10 grams bar too get as close to 0 as possible. Lastly you use the 1 grams bar too get as close to 0 as possible. Then add up the weight and you have your final weight in grams.

Mapping with Latitude and Longitude

This is a globe. You can use a globe for many things. One of those uses is to map latitude and longitude. You can also use a globe to see where places are. To get more accurate, you can get the cords by using latitude and longitude.


This is a microscope. As you probably know you use this to see things that are very small and make them look very big. We looked at salt, roots, newspaper articles, and much more. I think microscopes are very cool because you can see small things up close and that looks pretty cool.

About the author

I really loved the Intro to Science unit. I got to use triple beam balances, microscopes, and globes. This was so fun. I wish I could do it again, but I am moving on to a new unit that will be filled with more fun things.