Exciting Ebook Options

from Southwest Library

What's new?

In 2014-2015, we have vastly expanded our ebook options. Most titles are available through the library catalog and can be used with online access from any device. We also have new devices for circulation, Kindle Paperwhites and Keyboards for home e-reading use, and iPad Minis and Kindle Fires for school use.
Go to the library catalog (you can use the link above or below) and choose the catalog tab. If you want to see all titles, change the material type to electronic books and just press enter. Of course, you can also do a regular search (type in a title or subject) and browse through both paper and electronic books on a given subject. Ebooks are indicated by a blue or green E (books are depicted by a red book icon).

New Devices!

Students and staff can check out a number of different devices. We continue to circulate Kindle Keyboards (loaded with approximately 60 titles) and have added new Kindle Paperwhites. The new Kindles can also be taken home for a 2-week checkout. Each Paperwhite is loaded with different book titles which are shown in the library record (look up Kindle and you'll see the titles as part of each record). Since the Amazon titles can only be viewed on our Kindles (and cannot be checked out to other e-readers), those titles will not show up when you search for all e-books. Students will need to turn in a parent permission form before a Kindle can go home.

We also wanted devices that could be used at school to view the variety of e-books available through the library catalog. These titles can be viewed on computers and iPads in classrooms, but the library also has new Kindle Fires and iPad Minis to help individual students have a chance to read our new ebooks.

Need passwords?

Depending on the book vendor and place of access, you may need log-in or password information.

When using the library catalog, it is best to LOG-IN in the upper right corner. Username and password should match your computer sign-in. This will let you go straight into any Follet ebooks. (Note: if you wait for the log-in screen that appears in the middle of the screen after you've tried to access a book, it will not work. You'll need to back up and use the button in the top right corner.)

If you are asked for additional log-in information, you are probably getting into a Capstone, Mackin, or Rourke ebook at home. We all share one log-in for those: swms (username) and read (password).

Finally, if you are using the Follett Brytewave app, it will ask you for the school code which is wbb22027. You should only need to enter this once.