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All About Samuel Taylor Coleridge

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Samuel Taylor Coleridge (1772-1834)

Samuel T. Coleridge was one of the first to be involved in the romanticism movement. The youngest of ten Samuel was very dependent. After having to go to Christ's Hospital Charity School, where he was basically isolated from his parents. This isolation led to anxiety,depression,and emotional damage which was a big part in majority of his poems.He wrote many Biographia Literaria which were poems about life and how he felt it was for him.Through his life as well he was a drug abuser and that drug use contributed to his depression and feeling of isolation.The drugs also led to heart arrest and his death in 1834.


Ere the birth of my life, if I wished it or no
No question was asked me--it could not be so!
If the life was the question, a thing sent to try
And to live on be YES; what can NO be ? to die.

Is't returned, as 'twas sent? Is't no worse for the wear?
Think first, what you ARE! Call to mind what you WERE!
I gave you innocence, I gave you hope,
Gave health, and genius, and an ample scope,
Return you me guilt, lethargy, despair?
Make out the invent'ry; inspect, compare!
Then die--if die you dare!

T-Why suicide bothers him

P- Optimistic on whether he wants to continue living or just commit suicide

C- "what can NO be. To die" lets you know that if living was his choice without guilt he would die

A- People who have depression and suicidal thoughts

S- Coleridge and his conscience

S- Whether to keep living or die and have guilt

T- Why he considers suicide and living

Frost at Midnight

This song can bring you thoughts of loneliness as Coleridge did in his poem where he shares how he felt lonely in school as he was away from home." With unclosed lids already had I dreamt Of my sweet birthplace" shows that being away from his family affected him emotionally in a big way.
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