Mirror Image

A Path to a Beautiful Child

Ashley Anchundia - 2nd

Tired of ugly people clogging up the world? Here's our solution!

Have you always wanted a child that looks like a model? Or a clone of your favorite football star? How about a beautiful actress? A super tall basketball player? Here at "Mirror Image" we use the highest levels of technology to satisfy your beauty needs. We have persuaded the prettiest actresses and most handsome athletic stars to use their own body cells to clone a child just for you! No more nerdy short boys or repelling girls. Now you can have the dream child you've always wanted!

Here's How it Works:

Now you may ask yourself: How does this all work? Well, first we will take you or your spouse's egg (the donor egg) and take out the entire nucleus! Now with the 23 chromosomes that used to lie in the cell gone, we will take your person of choice's body cell, and with electricity, fuse it with the egg cell. Since their absolutely beautiful body cell has all of the needed 46 chromosomes that a human being needs, the egg will be tricked into thinking that it is fertilized. After injecting the egg back in the donor, we will wait nine months until the new clone is born! This process doesn't only work on humans, but with sheep, rabbits, pigs, and more!
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Make Your Dreams Come True!

Phone: 1-(800)-GORG-EOUS

Email: mydaughterishotter @ hotmail

Please remember that you or your spouse must be willing to conceive the child!

P R I C E S:

  • Female/Male Model - 12,000$ per child *
  • Female/Male Actress - 20,000$ per child *
  • Female/Male Athlete - 15,000$ per child *
  • Relative Person (Sister/Brother/Cousin) - 1,000$ per child
  • Friend/Spouse - 1,000$ per child
  • Yourself - 500$ per child (must have somebody willing to conceive your clone)

*Must be listed under the Willing to Clone list / Please visit your local Mirror Image or call 1-(800)-GORG-EOUS for further information

Know a model, actor or friend who you believe will be willing to contribute? Please contact us at wearenotkidnappersiswear.com

Why Cloning Should Be the Future

I believe that cloning is good - of course, not for the purposes of my flyer, but if we can be able to clone things such as hearts and lungs to save humans lives, we should definitely head in that direction. So many people can be saved with the advancements of cloning that it would be a complete shame if we didn't start cloning. I don't believe that cloning should be used to make whole other humans (although a world with only girls kind of sounds nice), but copying human organs can advance our society so much that young people dying could become an unusual event, and that sounds like a world I want to live in.