My Digital Storytelling Project

By: Payton Kwintner

My Vision at the Beginning of the Course:

At the beginning of the course I thought...

  • I wanted to be a fashion designer and be a marketer for a big-selling company or a physician's assistant.
  • I wanted to go to college for fashion.
  • I wanted to live in a nice house Marlboro, NJ with my future husband and 3 kids.
  • I enjoyed playing sports, going to school, and spending time with friends/family.

My Skills, Strengths, and Abilities:

My Interests:

My interests are...

  • Sports
  • Shopping for clothes
  • Baking
  • Exercising
  • Making my family happy

What Is Important To Me:


Thoughout the course, I began researching about jobs in the fashion field, but I ended up liking the nursing field better for my future self. I want to grow up to be a successful nurse. There are many positions available near me that accommodate my desires.

  • In Marlboro, New Jersey there is a company called, Advancing Opportunities. They have an open position as a Registered Nurse that has to be fulfilled immediatley. The salary is a $75,000 dollar salary annually.
  • In Somerville, New Jersey there is a company called Corizon Health. They have an open position as a Nurse Practitioner. The salary is highly competitive; closer to an $80,000 salary.
  • In US- NJ- Union County/ Somerset County, New Jersey there is a company called BrightStar Care. The company has an available position for a Registered Nurse. Although I was not imformed of the salary, I can predict that it is around $70,000 dollars, annually.

Education Requirments:

The education requirements needed to become a Registered Nurse are either

  • an Associate's Degree in Nursing
  • a Nursing Diploma
  • a Bachelor's Degree
  • a Master's Degree (which looks better than a Bachelor's Degree)


I want to go to Drexel University and major in nursing. They have a wonderful nursing program that I am interested in for undergraduates called, The Cooperative Bachelor of Science in Nursing. I hope to start my dreams there. Drexel University will cost me $16,220 per each term for the 4 year program. Also, it will cost me a fee of $790 per term.


  • I want to live in a nice home in Marlboro, New Jersey with my future family.
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SWOT Analysis:

My Strengths: I have good listening skills and I am confident.

My Weaknesses: I complain often and cry.

My Opportunities: Getting a good career, starting a family, and making new friends.

My Threats: Will I be successful in life? Will I make it into the college I want to attend? Will I ever find a husband?


All in all, I am an athletic, smart, and outspoken person. I care about my family, friends, and my future. I love playing sports, cooking, and shopping. When I get older, I envision myself as a nurse in Marlboro, New Jersey. I will attend Drexel University and get a degree in nursing. Then, I will get married and start a family. I have to remember to always be myself and think before I act. This is my peronal plan!