Whales are key for the ocean ecosystem. The are top predators and without whales a large gap in the food web would happen if whales were gone. All thing that the whale eats to control population and the balance would overpopulate.


Many Conservation groups have been formed to protect whales like the WDC. Who do conservation work all of the world from helping humpback whales in the eastern Caribbean and fighting to enforce the 1986 IWC moratorium against whaling for countries ignoring it. These groups also use tracking systems to help understand movement and number of species in the wild.


There are three main threats to whales. The First being climate change. Since many whales are found in only certain polar regions the climate change is heating waters in the north. Two is pollution since tons of oil, acid rain, and debris are pumped in the ocean affecting whales. Lastly, is whaling. Whaling is the hunting of whales and although many countries don't practice whaling ,but some countries , like Japen , still hunt whales. Protection laws have been put in place for whales from whaling, but laws are still ignored.