Night Of The Twisters


A Real True Story

The characters

Dan Hatch is the main character in the book. He's a 11 year old boy. Dan's parents, who separated from Dan when the tornado hit. Mrs. Smiley is a older neighbor, who is hard of hearing. Arthur Darlington is Dan's best friend. Ronnie Vae Darlington is Stacey's and Arthur's younger 's sister, Stacey Darlington is Arthur's older sister. Kelly is a police officer who took Stacey, Arthur, and Dan to the armory. Aunt Goldie, was Dan's aunt who was stuck at the bowling alley.


The story takes place in Grand Island, Nebraska in the areas of Sand Crane Drive. Dan's house was located there during tornado and they survived it. 2. The armory is where they found Mr. Darlington, who is Stacey's dad and Dan's best friend Arthur. 3.The went to Kmart shopping center and looked for Dan's parents, but they weren't there. His parents were on the highway in a car looking for Dan. When Dan did not find his parents at Kmart, he walked on the highway and found them in a car.

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Facts About The Book

Did you know that Dan's real name is Mark Hatch, Arthur has 2 brothers not 2 sisters, and Dan still lives in Nebraska today, Dan's Aunt was the one who wrote this book, Minerva real name is Tia so, when Minerva/Tia died thy got another cat named Tia 2.

This video is a taste of what Dan survied

Deadly Nebraska Tornado

BY Caleb Nguyen

The End