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Hey Folks,

Why do we do what we do? That was one of the central truths that came out of the sermon on Sunday. How do we come prepared for worship and what do we do with the gospel? Are we honoring and obeying Christ with our worship and our mission to spread the word? In the book The Power of Praying Through the Bible, it shares some insight from Leviticus 10:1-7. Read that now. Is this us? The sons of Aaron, Moses' nephews, were going through the motions of a very sacred and holy time of offering. They offered an unauthorized fire before God. It was not as God had directed and He immediately consumed them with fire and they died before the Lord. These were the same two sons (Nadab and Abihu) that were immediately in the Priesthood, They also as children walked on dry land where the Red Sea had been parted. They were among 74 men who had climbed the mountain with Moses and had actually seen God. So they had experienced many miracles, yet when the time came to honor God with obedience, they just didn't think it was important enough to do what God wanted. Have you ever become lax in that way? Do you pray as often as God asks us to? Are you spending time daily in HIS WORD? Are those two spiritual disciplines as fresh and alive as they should be? If not, ask God right now to give you new excitement about spending time with Him. That sounds weird I know. It would be like your child coming to you and saying "do something cool for me so I will want to spend time with you". And that's after you already do everything for them. Ask God to take away your apathy or carelessness on your part. Do whatever it takes to keep yourself from just going through the motions. Try this prayer:

"Holy Father, help me to never be careless about Your ways or Your Word. Enable me to not allow anything that has to do with my worship of You to become lifeless or like ritual that has lost its depth of meaning. Keep the disciplines of prayer, praise, and reading Your Word fresh and alive in my heart so that I will always have a passionate hunger for Your presence." See you Sunday.


Prayer Requests-Praises

Prayer Request - Praises

Don't Forget about our Class Reunion this Sunday. SS at 9:00 and lunch after services.

Mark Whitley - Karl Bostick - starting treatments for cancer

Family of Paul Pittard - loss of his father

Alan Harp - Rollie & Irell Harp - continued prayers; Rollie has many issues, mental & physical, that mom has to deal with

Butch & Melanie Wood - Mildred's family - Butch's Aunt passed away. Please Pray

Tara Haskoor - Sara - 19 years old has cancer - Silent Request for Store

Persecuted Christians in Iraq and around the world.

Sheila Wyatt - Stephen's mother - hospital - now out - continued prayer for her.

Sheila Stolorena - Cousin - Chris Gaunt. He is an Army helicopter pilot, who is in Afghanistan at the moment. Last week, two of the soldiers that he was very close to were killed there. He is quite depressed. His wife and four young kids are in Washington State. Just a tough time for him and his family

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