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Nonfiction Resources for Encouraging Students to Wonder!

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This week I collected nonfiction book recommendations and digital resources that inspire students to read and view with curiosity! Our students are naturally inquisitive and full of wonders! My hope is that you can use some of the resources in this week's newsletters to cultivate your students' curiosity!

Don't forget that World Read Aloud Day is Wednesday! Some fun ways to participate are to invite a guest reader to your classroom or to share more read alouds with your students throughout the day. It might be a fun day for a classroom Read In! Have fun and enjoy the week!

As always, let me know how I can help support you!

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Are You Using Wonderopolis?

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Wonderopolis is the perfect site to cultivate curiosity! You can search for wonders that connect to your content units, but it is also beneficial for students to have time to explore wonders that interest them. You can add the site to your iPads at a center or allow students to read from the site at independent reading time!

An Educator's Guide to Using Wonderopolis - Excellent ideas for using Wonderopolis in the classroom! Check it out!

Ideas for using Wonderopolis in the primary grades from Matt Gomez

Wonder Wednesdays from Tara Smith

Recommendations for Nonfiction Read Alouds

How often do you read aloud nonfiction? Our children's literature study group at WES will be sharing nonfiction picture books at our meeting this month. I am excited to use these titles in a fun March Book Madness reading bracket!

Book Recommendations for Nonfiction Picture Books

Check out these blog posts for some excellent nonfiction picture book recommendations!

Nonfiction Books for Primary Teachers from Michele Knott

Nonfiction Books as Mentor Texts for Writing (with traits listed!) from Marcy Flinchum Atkins

10 Incredible Nonfiction Authors to Include in Your Classroom Library from Cathy Mere

Mentor Texts for Nonfiction Writers from Cathy Mere

Nonfiction Books that Inspire Change from Clare and Tammy

Weird Animals Students Will Love from Jess Keating

Nonfiction Materials for Animal Studies

I highly recommend these FREE materials for animal studies from We are Teachers and the International Fund for Animal Welfare!

Topics Included Are:

Keep Wild Animals Wild

Cats, Dogs and Us

Elephants, Never Forget

Born to Be Wild

For each topic, you will find:

K-2 Lesson Plan

3-5 Lesson Plan

Student Magazines



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The Kids Should See This site has amazing videos to spark discussions with your students! Check it out!

You could use these for Close Viewing by asking student to share:

What do I NOTICE?

What do I WONDER?

Kristin Ziemke uses video clips to have students "View to Learn". For more ideas check out her new book, Amplify: Digital Teaching and Learning in the K-6 Classroom!

Excellent You Tube Vidoes to Inspire Curiosity

You absolutely should check out these YouTube science videos that will inspire your students to WONDER!

Animals for Smart People

Crash Course Kids


Here's a blog post with more ideas for Using Digital Texts from LitLearnAct.

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