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The Industrial Revolution has started!

Slater and His Secrets

1793, the fist mill opened in Pawtucket, Rhode Island by Samuel Slater a skilled British mechanic. At first, Slater couldn't find man people to work in his mill so, he hired families. Slater's strategy was to hire families and dividing factory work into simple tasks. This strategy was called The Rhode Island System. Soon later, he built his own town named Slatersville. It included the mill, housing for the families, and many shops for material that they needed. Slater's machines worked and Pawtucket mill became a success. Slater's wife also invented a new cotton thread for sewing and in 1789, Slater formed his own company to build a mill. By the time Samuel died in 1835, he owned all or part of 13 textile mills.


Workers needed!

If any families are needing a good job then come to Slatersvillie in Pawtucket, Rhode Island. Any size of families are wanted to work in the mill! Housing and shops are included to working at the mill. You will also be paid in either store credit, or in money. So, come to Rhode Island and apply for a job a Slaters mill!