Alexander the Great

By: Katilyn Clark

Early Life

Phillip ll - lived in Thebes and had come to admire Greek culture.

Death of Phillip ll - Assassinated at his daughters wedding.

Aristole - A tutor for his young son Alexander.

Leader in Battle

Helped his father - Conquer Greece.

at Chaeronea - Phillip ll defeated the Thens and the Thebe. All of Greece was under his controll.

Finally he subdued Greece.

At age 20 - Alexander conquered Persia.

Conquest of Persia

First victory: Persia

Then Conquered :

1. Asia Minor

2. Egypt

3. Babylon

331 B.C.- Took Babylon

Why didn't Darius surrender? He killed himself.

Why did he stop before conquering India? His soldiers were tired and had met solider mounted on elephants for the first time.

How did Alexander die?

Alexander became a victim to a sudden fever.

What happened to the empire?

Three generals divided it up.

-Mecgdonia and Greece went to one,

-Egypt to another'

-and most of Persia to the last.

What did Alexander name most of the cities he founded?

HIs named most of the citites he founded Alexandria because he was Alexander the Great and conquered them.

In Egypt

Most important city; Alexandria because it was located on the sea lanes between Europe and Asia.

He built:

1. Museums as a center of learning

2. Libraries

His legacy: Hellenism

Blends 4 cultures:

Greek, Persian, Egyptian, and Indian.

How did Alexander encourage this blending?

1. He adopted many Persian empires.

2. He married a Persian.

How did life for women change?

Their were no consequences restricted to their homes.

Which of our famous Greeks lived during the Hellenistic Age?

Queen Cleopatra vll