Dual Language Update

December 2015

Dual Language Parent Information Meetings 2016-2017

The dates for the Dual Language enrollment informational meetings for 2016-2017 are now posted on the Dual Language website. The meetings will be conducted to provide information to parents about Dual Language for children entering kindergarten or first grade in the 2016-2017 school year. Applications to enroll in the Dual Language program will also be available at these meetings. In addition to information about the program, parents will be informed that first grade placements could possibly require additional placement criteria, which may include a formal assessment.

Each Dual Language campus will receive color copies of the flyers for the parent meetings. Please help us advertise by posting the flyers at your school. If you would like a Dual Language Information meeting held at your school (not in conjunction with the ‘getting ready for Kinder’ meetings by Kathy Haule) please contact Lea Devers to schedule.

The Bilingual/ESL department will collaborate with campus leaders in regards to ensuring the academic success of all students placed in the Dual Language program. Our goal is to be sure that the recruitment of Spanish Learners matches the structure of the campus for the next school year.

Dual Language Enrollment Meeting Flyer

Dual Language Sibling Priority Enrollment

Current Dual Language families are given priority enrollment for younger siblings entering kindergarten or first grade for the 2016-2017 school year. This year, sibling enrollment will be done online. Parents of Spanish Learners will receive an email notification with the information including a link to the form that allows them to register. After the information is submitted, families will be notified of placements and the next steps to complete registration for Dual Language.

To be sure that no one is missed, a copy of the sibling priority enrollment flyer will be shared with the attendance clerks on January 5th to be sent home with students. Please decide on the most appropriate way for this information to reach the Spanish Learners currently enrolled at your school by January 12th. The window for sibling priority enrollment will be January 5-21, 2016.

Dual Language Sibling Enrollment Flyer

Spanish Immersion

In collaboration with Spanish Immersion programs, we have chosen to stagger the dates for the DL and SI sibling enrollment and for the informational meetings. Spanish Immersion meetings will happen first. If you receive any questions about Spanish Immersion you can direct families to the Spanish Immersion website. Annie Rivera is the contact for Spanish Immersion at Hicks, Wellington, and Prairie Trail.
Dual Language Principals Meeting Input

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Dual Language Principals Meeting

Tuesday, Feb. 9th 2016 at 10:30am-12:30pm

Directly following the CZ Principals Meeting