Justice In Syria

The discussion about the events going on in Syria


The injustice in Syria

is very bad and has gone so far they have decided to use chemical weapons.I know that people and even young children are dying from toxic gases been thrown (launched) at them from the government. So from this we are going to start a awareness raising program and to gather information from other people.

What we feel about this.

I feel that this chemical warfare in Syria at the moment is very bad, and should not be occurring in this day and age.

We assume that the war began in March 2011 because the rebel forces wanted the President and the government out. Since then over 100,000 people have died over the reoccurring events. We need to somehow stop this war and the UN needs to have a good plan.

What we want to find out ?

We need to look into this events and ongoing events to gather the information needed to regain control on this. And to put a stop on this.

Information should be gathered safely, the UN needs to make a decision of what to do and make it quick. The resources needed we have and should make do with them to control the events in Syria.

Sorting Information

This information should be trusted because it is from the UN (United Nations) and trusted websites such as the Government. Information should be carefully looked over and made sure we don't just ignore it.

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Testing the Information

Once we have the needed information, we can decide what action to take to fight this war. If needed we can send in Military action to fight them and help the people who live there who i think need help from the bombing and gun fights happening there.

Action !

Action we could take?

Military action could be useful to eliminate the enemies, and to put a stop on this.

Starting talk's with the county might work but seen as they have already killed people and help people hostage. People have been saying nuclear war but thats nor right because lots of innocent people would die from it.

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As a group we feel sorry for the people who are been hurt and bombed by the government. We feel that action should be taken against the government and help the dying/injured people.