Mrs. Teran's Mustang News

The First Two Weeks of School

How do we get home on the first day of school?

Some of us were a little uncertain about how we were supposed to go home that day. We made a real life graph based on how we were going home. Can you see it?


While I have your attention, please send a family photo to school for us to use. It is hot and the children still play hard, please send a pop-top water bottle (to minimize spills).

Math Workshop

We are learning how to use the math manipulatives in our classroom so that we become excellent math station workers in the coming weeks. Even though it looks like we are playing, we are actually working hard. ;)

Reading Workshop

Books Are Treasures!

We are learning how to be good readers by treating our books like treasures.

Writing Workshop

The children began writing about an event that happened in their life. They are getting used to putting their ideas on a page and adding more.


Yes, for us, lunch is a subject! We are always very hungry by lunchtime. The kids have gotten compliments on their manners and behaviors in the cafeteria. Yes, your child got compliments about their eating habits!