School Festival GAIGOSAI

Pitch of our restaurant

Introduction of our italian restaurant

Hello, we'll serve italian dishes. Our restaurant's name is "Buonappetito!!", it means "Please help yourself." in English. Please come to our restaurant. We will be waiting for you!!


Pizza Margherita (Pizza)(300yen)

: This is one of the most famous italian dishes, and everyone like it!! We will make it ourself , of course also dough.

Farfalle (Short pasta)(270yen)

: This is the kind of pasta, looks like butterfly. We'll serve two kinds tastes, cream sauce and basil souce.

Minestrone (Vegetable soup)(300yen)

: There are many vegetables in this soup. Carrot, zucchini, onion, beans, celery are in it!! Many kinds of vegetables are cooked well with tomato paste.

Tiramisù (tiramisu)(300yen)

: This is sweet chocolate dessert and very loved by everyone!! I also like it.

Panna Cotta(250yen)

: It looks like pudding and tastes like milk. You can choose two different souce, blueberry souce or strawberry souce. Please eat with these berry souce.

Caprèse(Tomato salad)(270yen)

: It is tomato and mozzarella salad with basil and olive oil. We'll use mozzarella made in Italy.


: We'll prepare four kinds of wine, red, white, sparkling and hot wine.

Aranciata(Blood orange juice)(200yen~)

: This is deep orange juice. It's color is red. It was sent directly from Sicily!!