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Top 5: What to know for the start of the school year

1. There is no need to plug the Chromebooks in at the end of each period.

2. Students can change there own passwords this year.

3. Google Extensions are going to change our lives.

4. Single sign-on and password manager can make your life a lot easy, but leaves you vulnerable to intrusion.

5. There is going to be 1 visible network this year (eventually).

6. Students need to be encouraged to bring in there own headphones to use with Chromebooks.

Chrome Management

You all physically manage the chromebooks while I digitally manage them. There are now 75 gaming websites, Urban Dictionary and a few other sites that are blocked.

If you find something that is distracting, like Tiny Tanks, and you want it blocked, let me know and I will do want I can to do that for you.

You the wallpaper on the Chromebooks can be changed. I can put anything as the wallpaper for all the students. If you have a super important message you believe the whole student body needs to see, let me know and I can put something together for you.

Videos and games are pretty much universally blocked. If you plan on having the students use either of these, let me know so I can make sure it works. I may have the power to fix it if it does not work.

We let the Chromebooks help us manage the students productivity as much as possible.

Read Aloud Options Using Microsoft

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Don't be caught not knowing!

Click here to learn about the bad words that may be being spoken in your classes by certain students without you knowing they are bad.

BrainPop Logins will be done as soon as possible.

Students individual accounts will look like this:

Student - Aaron Alexander 1239084

Username* - aalexander_ccg

Password - pop9084

* If there is another aalexander, his username would be aalexander9084_ccg

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If you forget or don't know how to do something tech, here is a link to the staff Symbaloo.

  • To reserve technology go to the Media/Tech Schedule. Make sure you are signed in to your school google account though.
  • Every student and teacher has 5 licenses to download Microsoft Office on their devices.
  • After you contact me about your tech issues, please submit a work order.
  • The Blended Learning Lab is open for business. Please let me know if you would like to discuss using it.

Student Login Help

For non-Chromebooks

Username is first letter of first name, last name, last 4 numbers of lunch number

Example: John Smith 1468029 = jsmith8029

Password is lunch number

For Chromebooks and Google accounts

Username is first letter of first name, last name, last 4 numbers of lunch number followed by Example: John Smith 1468029=

Password is lunch number BUT it needs to have at least 8 numbers. If you lunch number is fewer than 8 numbers, add zeros until you get to 8 characters.

Example John Smith 1468029 = 14680290

Email address: All students have Office 365 email addresses. (they can also use the short-cut at the bottom of the homepage.

Using the example it would be: with the password 1468029

How to install Toshiba printers link