Police officer

By: Rafaela Ramiro

Career Descriptions

Maintain order and protect life and property by enforcing local, tribal, State, or Federal laws and ordinances. Perform a combination of the following duties: patrol a specific area; direct traffic; issue traffic summonses; investigate accidents; apprehend and arrest suspects, or serve legal processes of courts. Being a police officer I would need to either fill out paper work or on out in the streets. Including some responsibilities would be making sure I'm on brake on time. Checking back in when need and, be ready for when a call comes in. Part of my job would need things preferred such as problem solving, ability to follow orders, capacity to learn, being able to respect an understand, and being able to communicate. The salary of a police officer is 56,980 median pay (annual). My work environment is unsafe at times, and uncomfortably. Some career connections are:

  • Youth Counselor
  • Police Officer
  • Attorney
  • State Parole Officer
  • Sherriff's Deputy
  • Correctional Counselor
  • Private Detective
  • U.S. Deputy Marshal
  • Social Worker
  • Victim's Advocate
  • County Probation Officer
  • Wildlife Enforcement Officer
  • Corrections Officer
  • Court Administrator
  • Women's Shelter Counselor
  • IRS Fraud Investigator
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Different colleges

Walden University

--Bachelors of Science in Criminal Justice--
--Masters of Science in Criminal Justice--
--Ph.D. in Criminal Justice--

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Kaplan University

--Associate of Arts in Criminal Justice--
--BSCJ – Law Enforcement--
--Bachelor of Arts in Homeland Security (Online)--

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Grand Canyon University

--B.S. in Justice Studies--
--M.S. in Criminal Justice: Legal Studies--
--M.S. in Criminal Justice: Law Enforcement--

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