50%-75% off- Over 150 pieces at great prices!


Hello! I would like to invite you my HUGE Spring season sample sale! All pieces area at least 50% off, if not more. You can also find more close ups by entering the name of the piece into a search field, e.g. google "campari stella and dot" and then clicking "image" on the top left of your screen or email me at
I have created close ups on many pieces already.
If you see things you love, email me and we'll make it happen! Everything is via PAYPAL and FINAL SALE. Pieces are in perfect condition and come in Stella & Dot boxes/gift ready. Shipping is $4.00 sent USPS priority mail.
Be sure to scroll through all pictures as they are in no particular order and there are MANY pictures featuring statements, delicates, silver, gold, bright and bold, pearly pearls, handbags and more!
Great for gifts or for YOU. Happy Shopping!

Bloom Flower Necklace- Gorgeous!

Retail $198/Sale price-$98

Silver Smash! (& Charm Pieces!)

Apple Necklace- $39/$18
Bottom left- clockwise
Cream/gold Betty Hoops- $34/$17
Tahlia Earrings: $39/$18
Jill CZ Hoops- $79/$30
Nahla Necklace 28" long w/ 2" extender $79/$35
Odette Link Pendant 30.5 in length- $59/ $29
Odette Link Earrings; $39/$18
Upper Right:
Corso Bracelet: $59/$28
Corso Earrings: $39/$18
Stunning Stone Pendant Rutilated quartz- $44/$22
Cres Pendant: $29/$14
Essential Ball Studs Silver- $34/$16
Paw Charm- $26/$13
Birthstones- April (clear) Nov (yellow) Sept (blue) Oct (pink) August (green)
Queen Bee Charm- $26/$13
Pisces Zodiac Charm- $49/ $20
Mom Charm-$34/$17
Love Charm-$22/$10

More Silver...and Hematite!

First Picture- Adrienne Necklace- Super Versatile!
(Women have also worn as bracelet. belt and in hair!)
In tray from left to right:
Libby Layering Necklace- $69/$34
Chelsea Hematite- $59/$28
Rhea Bangles- $79/$38
Ainsley Stretch Bracelet- gorgeous! $98/$45
Vitality Necklace- $59/$28

Hello Color!

From left to right:
Eleanor Bangle $79/$38
Zinnea Bracelet: $49/$24
Coral Foundation Bracelet: $39/$20
Turquoise Foundation Bracelet: $39/$20
Top of Mannequin:
Hudson Red Leather Wrap Bracelet:$39/$18
Hudson Blue Leather Wrap Bracelet: $39/$18
Serenity Stone Earrings lapis: $34/$17
(great w/ maya pendant necklace-lapis- see way below under "Delicates-gold"
Senenity Stone Earrings Rasberry (pink): $34/$17
Carrie Bangles (see close up) $49/$24
Lindsay Bangle Turquoise $49/$24
Julep Bangles $19 each/ $9 each- cream and blue are SOLD
Lindsay Bangle White $49/$24
Rings: Left to right:
Odyssey Labradorite- adjustable-$59/$28
Jules Ring (blue) adjustable $49/$22,
Flower Ring (green) adjustable $49/$22
Turquoise Odyssey Odyssey adjustable- $59/$28
Geneve Gold Adjustable- $59/$28
Foundation Bracelet- Orange- $39/ $17
Foundation Bracelet- Turquoise- #39/$17
Wanderlust pull closure bracelet- green $29/$13
Spirit pull closure bracelet - multi stripe- $29/$13

Colorful Earrings!

Lily Earrings
Capri Coral
Garden Party- $54/$24

Best Selling Pieces-just retired!

Left to right...
Chelsea Gold- worn long or short $59/$28- SOLD
Libby Layering- gold long or short, $69/$34- SOLD
Maya turquoise bracelet-
Rhea bangles-gold/set of three: $79/$38
Maya Turquoise Necklace: $39/$18- see Maya Pendant in Labradorite for more pictures

More Turquoise & Greens!

From left to right:
River Coin Necklace - $59/$28
Aileen Necklace: $59/$28
Pamela Necklace- $59/$28
Pippa Necklace Green $69/$30
Raina Earrings- $39/$18
Charlize Earrings- $34/$17
Soiree Turquoise Stud Earrings_ $24/$12
Tulum Coin Necklace: $69/$25

Bianca Tassel Necklace- 6 ways to wear!

Bianca- $138/$65- can clasp at different places and wear w/ tassel in back!
LIly Earrings- see larger image above $39/$18

Madeline Pearl Necklace- Best Seller!

Wear long or short, day to night. Great go to piece.

Campari Necklace - Beautiful and Super Versatile

$128/ $60

Hematite & Gold!

Top- Carobella Earrings gold- $29/$14- SOLD
Secret Garden Earrings $39/$18
Secret Garden Cluster Necklace $69/$34.00
Hematite Link Chain Necklace $79/ $38

Gold Earrings

Left to Right:
Kimberly Earrings: $29/$14
Juliette Gem Drop Smoky earrings $59/$28
Next Picture:Tigris Earrings Gold $59/$28
Next Picture: Garden Party Earrings Coral $59/$28

Jolie Necklace!


Gold Vermeil Delicate Necklaces w/ one awesome Alice Temperly Charm Bracelet!

Delicates- gold!

Sunset Beach Necklace-$39/$18
Soar Necklace- $59/$25
Soar earrings-$39/$15
Alice Temperley bracelet- $98/$40
Maya necklace- lapis-$39/$16- see Maya in Labradorite below- same size
Kathleen Necklace (Acorn)- $39/$18
Valor Pendant Necklace- $39/$18-

Maya Necklace, bracelet, matching Delphie earrings!

Maya Necklace-$36/$18
Maya bracelet-
Delphie stud earrings-$24/$12

Bracelet Wraps

Leather Clover Double Wrap- Brown/Silver- $59/$27
Leather Studded Trifecta Wrap- Black/Silver-$59/$27
Clover Single WrapLeatherMetallic Single Wrap- $39/$18
Wanderlust Single Wrap- $29/$14
Leather Nugget Wrap- $39/$18
Robyn wrap- $39/ $18
Elizabeth bracelet (pull tie) $29/$14
Liberty bracelet $36/$17
Sidewinder- $29/$14

Bella Cuff & Sofia Pearl Bracelet!

Bella Cuff- $89/$40-
Lucia Bracelet $98/$40

Camilla Necklace- Wow!

Camilla Necklace-$158/$70
Camilla Ring- $49/$24

Rose Gold Pieces!

Ginger Necklace- $89/$42
Goddess Earrings- $34/ $17
Wanderlust Triple Wrap- $59/$28
Trilogy Ring (adjustable) $59/ $28

Pearls for Day or Night!

Bracelet Bar:
*Grace Pearl Bauble Bracelet $89/$40 gorgeous!
Audrey Cluster Bracelet $69/$32 beautiful and great pairing w/ Audrey Necklace
Chloe Necklace: $49/$24 (ribbon tie for varied lengths)
*Audrey Cluster Necklace $98/ $44 (long or short)
*Bridgette Bauble Necklace $69/$30 (long or short, beautiful layered with audrey cluster
Olivia Pearl and Ribbon Necklace $44/$20
*See pictures below. Also have beautiful Anastasia brooch $59/$24 in picture

Silver Lace

Geneve Necklace $98/$49
Geneve Chandelier Earrings $44/$22

Casablanca Necklace

Casablanca Necklace- tie closure for adjustable lengths: $98/$40
Earrings- SOLD
Tranquility Necklace- in 3 smaller pictures below-30" long w/ 2" extension- $69/$32

Mussette - Stunning!

Mussette Necklace: $178/ $75

Zahara Necklace!

Zahara Necklace $248/$70
(One strand missing- still wears beautifully!)

La Coco Cupchain Necklace

La Coco Cupchain Necklace $69/$34

Contessa Jade Necklace!

Contessa Jade Necklace- $118/$59

Another Mixed Medley

Top Left-
Rings: Charlotte Pearl Ring*: $39/$19
Ribbon Wrapped Ring* $54/$25-SOLD
Cleo Fringe Earrings*: $49/$24- SOLD
Infinity Charm Necklace $79/$36
Graceful Nomad Necklace (larger necklace to right) $89/$42
La Coco Olive Beads $59/$28

*See close ups below

More Mixed!

Charlotte Charm Necklace- removable charms $49/$24- great w/ Charlotte ring
Mercer Tech Wallet- poppy $59/$28-best seller- limited edition- SOLD
Alex Fringe $89/$42
Clover Wrap black/gold- $59/$29 (second picture-see above)- SOLD
Sidewinder Bracelet- $29/$14

Cora Chandelier Earrings $69/$34

Clutch Handbags & More!

Black Lambskin: $148/$55- SOLD
Linen Clutch-$149/ $60-SOLD
Snakeskin Clutch $148/ $55
Beautiful bags- pictures don't do them justice!

Snakeskin: $49/$24
Patent Leather $49/ $24

Beautiful Broochs! Can be attached to Clutch Handbags- see pictures below.

Left to right
Bardot Flower Brooch Cream- $39/$18
Plume Brooch (Black/white) $34/$15
Plum Brooch-Mixed Colors $34/$15
Gray Sasha Flower Brooch $34/$15
Ivory Flower $34/$15
Black Flower $34/$15
Vintage Starburst Brooch Silver $49/$22 (Gold in second picture- "Hello Summer!")
After the Rain Brooch-Gold w/ green $44/$20
After the Rain Brooch-Silver/black $44/$20