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Tess Jewelry

Tess when to court as a plaintiff, she report that she believe her housekeeper stole from her because some of her jewelry was missing and she is the only one who have access to her room. The judge ask her if she was sure that her housekeeper stole her jewelry, at this time Tess was mad and she started complaining about the situation.

the judge took action and summoned the housekeeper to attend to trail.

the judge and the lawyer made a pretrial conference to discuss the matters of the trial. in trial while Tess was telling the jury the facts that made her believe her housekeeper took the jewelry, the housekeeper suddenly mediated saying that she did not took the jewelry, that why would she do that. she asked for an appeal. when the jury asked for witnesses, Tess waned her husband to say what he though about the problem, but he wasn't there, so the jury send him an arraignment to attend court immediately, he told the jury that he knew for sure the defendant was innocent because he took the jewelry. so after his testimony the grand jury decide that there was not reason to keep the trial going do they made a verdict, the defendant was not guilty.