Helping My Community

Jenny Mendoza 03/06

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What could I do to make a difference in my community?

There are many things you could do to help your community,Like doing some shelter help out for example:You could build a shelter for homeless people with other people that actually want to help out. or even could do a simple food drive to collect food.
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Franklin Park Library Gives Away Prom Dresses.

Franklin Park Libaray gives away dresses that girls actually needed at the time and outother people helped out by donating and giving out stuff that they only either way used once or twice at most.
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Helping Hand

Helping out is like giving anyone something they really need in a sort of way.

Like if you help homeless people by giving them food or even any old cloths.

Anything is great for anyone even if they don't need the help that other people actually have to offer.

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Therefore,us teens know that just by giving a little back could make a difference no matter how much or how less of the help they give it will after all make a difference no matter what.
In Summary i really think that this project helped me see how much our community do actually work and give help to us, the people that they at times helps us when we truthfully need it no matter what. like the way that some churches actually give a warm lunch to homeless people and there for i really think its such a great way to give help and the nice part that i really like was that us the people from the community could actually give back anytime we would like, which is kinda nice and helpful for anyone because you are giving back and i truly think that those people will give back too.