Spotlight on Strategies

KWLH Chart by Paula Eckroth


After researching many instructional strategies, I came across an adapted version of the KWL chart. This chart included an “H” for how can you learn more about the topic which is important in attaining a deeper understanding of the subject, as per research. The KWLH chart should be used before, during, and after a student reads about new information. Providing information activates prior knowledge, sets the purpose for reading, and focuses their attention on key ideas. Students list what they know or think they know, what they would like to know, what they learned, and how they can learn more.


Topic to be investigated is insects. Students will view a picture of an insect and fill out the first column “K”, of what they know about insects. As a class, we will share our answers. Next, they will fill out the second column “W”, what they want to know about insects while collaborating with a peer. Before students watch a video clip, directions are given on filling out the third column “L”, what they learned. Students will watch a video clip, embedded below, on insects. Video, using closed captioning, is paused every 30 seconds, giving students the opportunity to write down or illustrate information. The video will be replayed again as often as needed until students can comprehend the information. After the video is over, students will think/pair/share information for the fourth column “H”, how they can find out more about insects and then discuss as a class.


  • Extend this lesson by using the information from the KWLH chart to write a simple paragraph; topic sentence, three details, and concluding sentence.
  • Use the information generated from the “H” column and as a class locate more data on insects while guiding and modeling to students.
  • Use the KWLH chart to study arachnids. Then compare and contrast insects and spiders.


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