Lakeview Middle School

May 23-25, 2022

Library Book Return!

Please turn in any LISD library books you have at home!
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MS Girls Summer Strength Program Update! Check out the time change!

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Guidance and Counseling

For Back to School this year, we will have two separate programs and registrations. Similar to last year, families can register online for backpacks and school supplies. Additionally, there will be a separate Health Services event for immunizations, eye exams, and physicals.

Online registration for the supplies begins in April and will close on June 24th or while supplies last, whichever comes first. Schools will be distributing backpacks to the students at your student’s home campus. Each school will be reaching out to parents on or before August 5th with information on how students will receive their backpacks and supplies. Please keep an eye out in your email for more information related to the health services event and any updates regarding school supplies.

You can register to receive supplies here:

Semester Exams

Semester Exams begin Monday, May 23, 2022. Exams cannot be taken/given prior to May 23, 2022. If your student is absent from a semester exam, a ZERO will be recorded in the grade book.

Excused Absences from a Semester Exam: Students may come to school on Tuesday, May 31, 2022 @ 9:00 AM to complete their exam(s).

Unexcused Absences from a Semester Exam: Per LISD Board Policy, the grade due for work missed due to an unexcused absence shall be a zero.


May 23-25 2022

Monday, 5/23

  • Semester Exams: 3rd & 7th Periods

Tuesday, 5/24

  • Semester Exams: 2nd, 4th, 6th, & 8th Periods

    Wednesday, 5/25

    • Last Day of School!
    • Semester Exams: 1st & 5th Periods
    • Student Early Release @ 1:00 PM.

    Thursday, 5/26

    • Summer Break. No school.

    Friday, 5/27

    • Summer School Registration @ LHS Harmon (7:30-10:30 AM, or 4:00-7:00 PM).

    2022-23 Orientation: July 28, 2022!

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    Summer School Information

    What is the purpose of summer school?

    LISD Summer School is an opportunity for students re-take promotion-required courses. Summer School is not for acceleration (skipping a grade).

    Who should attend summer school?

    Any student who...

    1. Does not have an overall average of 70, and/or
    2. Does not have a grade of 70 or above in language arts, mathematics, and either science or social studies.

    How do I know if this applies to my student?

    Look at the MYR grade for each class. That is a real-time end of year grade for that course. If it is less than 70, you may need to consider and/or plan for summer school.

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    Student Attendance: Parent Responsibilities

    Student Illness - Not COVID Related

    • Email Kassy Alexander, LVMS Attendance clerk, as soon as you decide to keep your student home from school. The school can accept up to 10 parent excuse notes per year.
    • You may also send a note the following day with your student, but it is recommended that you email the absence in because students often forget to turn the notes in.

    Student Medical Appointment

    • Always submit doctor's notes when you can. They are not counted as parent excuse notes, but they are accepted as an excused absence.
    • It is recommended to email the notes to the school. Students often forget to turn them in.

    COVID Related Absence (Isolation or Quarantine)
    • Contact the CCC (469-444-3558) as soon as you know your student is COVID positive or has been exposed to someone COVID positive. The CCC will create a Personalized Action Plan and let us know the absence dates that will be approved.
    • If your student is exposed and you are requesting a quarantine, you must go through the CCC and let them know that you are keeping your student home.

    Pre-planned Absence - Trips, Weddings, Events Unrelated to Illness

    • Submit a Pre-Planned Absence Form (linked here) PRIOR to leaving.
    • Email the completed form to Kassy Alexander, LVMS Attendance clerk.

    Why does attendance matter?

    1. Students learn best when they are in school.
    2. State law requires that students are in each class 90% of the time that it is offered in order to receive credit for the course. That means that a student could be passing the class, but if they only attend the class 85% of the time the student can not receive credit for the class. This rule applies to both excused and unexcused absences.

    What happens if we don't follow the guidelines above?

    We can only excuse absences that we know about. When these guidelines are not followed, your student's absence is unexcused and there are a few possible consequences:

    1. Per LISD Board Policy, students cannot earn grades for days that they are unexcused. That means, if an assignment is submitted on the day they are absent, they cannot make it up and the teacher is required to enter a grade of 0.
    2. Truancy measures will be implemented. Possible measures include: parent conferences, behavior plans, and truancy filing with the court.

    I forgot to send in a note! What can I do to fix this?

    We will accept notes up to 3 days after the absence. We provided grace during the first 9 weeks for families to learn the system, but moving forward we will no longer accept notes beyond 3 days after the absence. It is recommended to email the notes to the school. Students often forget to turn them in.

    I notified the school of my student's absence, but they still got a 0 on their assignment. What happened?

    Regardless of the reason for the absence, teachers will enter a 0 in the gradebook until the assignment is submitted. Students with excused absences may work with the teacher when they return and submit the work by the agreed upon make-up work due date without penalty. The 0 will be replaced with the student's earned grade. We find that entering the 0 helps parents and students recognize what was missed during the time of absence and provides transparency as to the impact of the absence in the event the work is not made up.

    Important Contact Updates

    Reporting a student absence?

    Have a concern about your student's grade or what's going on in class?

    Need to contact your student's counselor?

    Need to contact your student's assistant principal?

    Need to contact our School Resource Officer.

    Need to contact the campus principal?