Sea Ice

Research Guide

Sea Ice Map

Below is a picture of sea ice.
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What should I bring if I went their?

-Warm Clothes

-Packaged Food

-Tent (shelter)


-Ice Pick

Ocean Floor Attractions

Teshekpuk Lake- This is a huge beautiful lake made up of streams that glimmer in the sun. It shows an amazing side of the ocean floor.

Tongass National Forest- Tongass is a forest with big beautiful trees and beautiful views of the ocean floor.

Science Section

-Currents: The water in the arctic is very salty and therefore quite dense. Due to this, currents don't flow readily. Currents large clockwise rotational patterns.

-Climate: El Nino and La Nina cause contrasts in temperatures and air pressure. They also cause the Arctic air to be colder and the Atlantic to be warmer.

-Ecosystem: Abiotic Factors: sunlight and wind

Biotic Factors: Polar Bears, Moose, Penguins, and Whales

Invasive Species: Killer Whale

-Resources: Oil and Gas

-Protection: No littering

-Human Impact: Global Warming and pollution