The Wildcat Weekly


It's Good To Be Back!

Thank you for all the get well cards, e-mails, text messages, prayers, and flowers while I was out. Your kindness was deeply appreciated. Thank you to EVERYONE who pitched in to assure that North Coventry was able to "stay the course" during my absence. It' good to be back!

WFSG Tuesday, March 31 PSSA Training

When? 7:50 AM

Where? Room 109

Who should attend? Teachers who will be administering the PSSA.

Paraprofessional Training

Topic? PSSA Training

When? Tuesday, March 31 @ 8:30 AM

Where? Faculty Room

Who should attend? All paraprofessionals.


  • The 4th trimester special area rotation schedule begins on Tuesday (Day 1).
  • When utilizing the computers in the commons areas, if you discover that one or more are not working properly, please submit a Help Ticket. Please do not ignore the problem!
  • For the remainder of this school year, ALL students who require an EpiPen, must have their parent accompany them on field trips. If a parent is not able to attend the trip, please notify Annette so that she can arrange for a nurse to attend the field trip.