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A Year-Long Coaching Plan

Write for Texas participants attending the October 5th meeting in Austin engaged in discussion and activities designed to support planning for a year of coaching.

Conversation centered around several framing questions that supported attendees to reflect on their coaching practice, explore materials and resources available to inform the process, and plan by setting some goals for the campuses and teachers they will support in the coming year.

During discussion rounds, attendees referenced a number of professional development books on coaching and selected copies of the various titles to take back to their sites. A gallery walk of ideas and challenges they will address in the coming year served as a capstone to the day.

Publications referenced*:

*Write for Texas does not endorse any particular authors or coaching models. These materials were provided to support discussion during the face to face meeting.
Resources for Planning

For a full bibliography and other materials from the October 5th meeting, click the button.

Informing your plan

October 5th attendees were encouraged to reference a variety of materials as they considered their coaching plan:

  • Individual activity log data from 2015-2016 (Coaches continuing with the project who were not in attendance at the meeting should watch for an email with their individual 2015-16 Activity Log Report.)
  • Goals as stated in 2016-17 site plans for campuses where they coach
  • Excerpts from the coaching texts including a sample coaching plan, principles & habits of better conversations, and questions to help teams work flexibly, responsively, and with agility.

More Online Resources

We receive frequent inquiries about the spiral-bound ELAR TEKS vertical alignment publication used in a number of training sessions, most recently at the TALA Writing training on October 3-4. Coaches wishing to access these standards and related materials online (ELPS, CCRS) may visit this site.

Looking Ahead

Webinar #4, October 21st

Topic: Reflections on planning for the year ahead

Time: Friday, 10/21, 2:00pm CST

To Register: Click here

TO SHARE: Are you trying out a new strategy? Maybe you are refining a well-known technique? How are you developing a year-long coaching plan? How are you using student writing and examining student writing to inform your coaching plan?

We would like to hear from you and how your site is approaching a coaching plan! Please consider if this topic is one you might speak about, especially if you haven't contributed to a webinar yet this year. To schedule your site as a presenter for the October 21st webinar, email mhacosta@austin.utexas.edu

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