On The Road Again Chicago

By: Taylor School

Summer Fun!

This summer I went to go see One Direction in concert on August 23rd, 2015 at 7:00 pm. The concert was at Solider Field in Chicago. I went to the concert with my friend Zoe Bergman and her dad. We drove from Zoe's house in Green Bay to the Train station in Milwaukee where we meet up with Abbey and Elise Posewitz and Nicole Vandervest who's parents took them to the concert as well. We took the train to Chicago and walked everywhere we needed to go in Chicago. We also took the subway to and from Solider Field because it was a long walk from our hotel. We went to the concert because Zoe and I received the tickets as a Christmas gift because we really love One Direction. Some of the interesting things that happened was when we went shopping on state street and got to see the huge stores. Another interesting event besides the concert itself witch was loads of fun, was when we became friends with these girls we meet on the train who were also going to the concert.

Look at me!

Big image
This is a picture of all of us at the concert before they came on stage
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This is a picture I took of One Direction performing on stage

The science of it!

Connection #1- My first connection to science would be the sound waves. When any member of One Direction would sing or speak into the microphones, the noise would travel from the microphone to our ears. This is how we hear them and find the music enjoyable.
Connection #2- My second connection to science would be gravity. When One Direction jump and dance around on stage and when us fans jump and dance around in our seats gravity pulls us back down to earth, This way we are not all just floating around in mid air.

I wonder....

1) Could the loud music damage my hearing?

2) How bright are the lights on stage?

3) Why is the music louder closer to the stage?

4) Does the amount of people in the room effect the sound quality?


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