Writing Workshop News

Issue 26: Making the Memories Last

Think Small! by Suzy Toronto

Sometimes I think big way too much.

Don't get me wrong - thinking up really big, wild and crazy ideas

is one of my favorite things to do.

But life is also about finding the simple things

that take our breath away and illuminate our tiny corner of the world.

These tender moments give our lives deeper meaning

and sometimes become our most treasured memories.

Quite simply. . . they make our hearts tingle.

Moments like nuzzling a newborn baby's cheek

and vowing never to forget that sweet smell.

Or sitting on a porch swing with your grandmother

and praying you'll always remember her voice.

It's laughing at a silly joke between friends

and hearing the echo of your own childhood giggles.

It's watching a parade with a lump in your throat

and your hand on your heart when the vets go by.

It's waking up in the morning and really feeling grateful for one more day.

It's easy to get caught up in the rapture

of life's brilliant, amazing, and spectacular things.

But in the end, we must always remember that life is really no big thing. . .

it's a zillion little things, just waiting to be cherished.

Now take a deep breath. . . and feel the tingle!

So as we move into spring break week, let's encourage our writers to capture their zillion little things in writing. Whether time is spent traveling to far off places or enjoying the comforts of home, each day will be filled with moments to remember. Why not:

  • record them in a journal?
  • create a photo scrapbook with details to document each day?
  • use technology to construct a narrative?

The possibilities are truly endless!