MHS Re-Opening Plan

Updated 7/7/20

Dear MHS Parents,

Thank you for taking the time to provide feedback to the District survey regarding all re-opening plans. After reading your valuable comments and suggestions, we have revised some components of our school level plan. Revisions to the plan have been underlined below. We recognize that so much surrounding COVID-19 is in flux, with guidelines changing weekly to be responsive to community needs. Although we hope to have all students back face-to-face later this month, we understand that each family's decision, whether online or on campus, will be made in the best interest of their student's health.

Available Models of Instruction:

· Face to Face – the student is at MHS daily taking courses as usual (July 30th start).

· Online – the student is at home with course work in a digital format. Each school will have a Digital Learning lab that will be utilized as a face to face remediation and assessment location for online learners. (July 30th start).

· HybridA digital learner, one who takes most classes virtually, may wish to take courses that involve projects, instruction, and assignments that require hands-on, face-to-face work with the teacher in the classroom. (Culinary 3 or Building/Construction are good examples) The hybrid learner will participate primarily as a digital learner, with a few select on-campus courses. Each school will have a digital learning lab that will be utilized as a face to face assessment location for ALL online learners and used for remediation for those students needing additional help and support. Parents are responsible for transportation to and from school to access the hybrid program. (July 30th start).

Digital Learning Options may be selected prior to July 30, 2020. If selected, families are encouraged to remain in that chosen digital, instructional mode for the duration of nine weeks after the first month of school. In an effort to protect academic fortitude, students may re-enter the physical school setting at the natural breaks. It is requested that students only make one instructional delivery change per year.

Arrival to School:

As staff arrive at school they need to report to a temp check designated area prior to entering their classroom or engaging with students and other staff.

For students:

Doors Open at 7:30 am.

In order to assist traffic flow into school and at the temperature check stations, we are asking different groups to arrive at different times of the morning. We recognize that this plan will not work for every family or individual, but respectfully ask your assistance to allow for quicker processing and movement through the temperature check points. We recommend that all students arrive at school no later than 8:15am to enter a temperature check station to ensure their ability to be in first period on time.

  • Bus riders will arrive between 7:30-7:55am and enter through C Lot Doors.
  • Car riders (parent drop off) please arrive between 7:30am and 8:15am at the gym doors for entry.
  • Car drivers parking in any lot should arrive around 8am. Car drivers may enter at C Lot doors or the Flagpole doors.

Four main door areas will be open and accessible for student entry. All other doors will remain locked, and we will clarify to students they can no longer let others in through these locked doors. These doors will be open:

  • C LOT Doors – Bus riders, B and C lot Drivers
  • GYM Doors – Parent Drop off students and walkers
  • FLAGPOLE Doors – A lot driver, walkers, B Lot drivers
  • Back of School by Auxiliary Gym

The Main Office will continue to be open to parents, teachers, subs, “business” traffic – and all late students.

Changes to the Schedule:

  • Change to 4 lunches instead of 3
  • Break time – stagger dismissal and providing additional locations to purchase food
  • Try to stagger arrival – see arrival to school plan
  • Temperature checks – all staff and students will be checked at the start of each school day for the first month of school; additional checks as needed

Changes to Building Structures:

  • Signage in bathrooms and common areas – how to reduce the spread and importance of hand washing
  • Gym, Library, and all common areas still open for students
  • Barcode IDs and scanners for contactless cafeteria, library and office check in
  • Develop new cleaning schedule for frequent disinfection of common areas and restrooms
  • Additional hand sanitizer stations for common areas and classrooms
  • No outside groups may rent/use facilities until after Labor Day without special authorization of administration

Masks Guidelines for Students and Staff:

Guidelines for Students:

  • Students in grades 8-12 are expected to wear face coverings when physical distancing is difficult. While the district does not intend to require mask wearing as part of the enforceable dress code, the faculty and staff will make it clear it is a strongly encouraged and expected practice. When students can be social distanced of 6 feet within classrooms, then mask prompting and encouragement will lessen. However, in crowded spaces (changing classes, riding a bus, transitional breaks, close proximity environments, interactive student work sessions) reminders and prompts to wear a mask will be issued from teachers and administrators. In addition, announcements, posters, and daily communication will detail the merits of wearing a mask throughout the school day.

Guidelines for Staff:

  • Staff members will wear masks and model those opportunities with their students, and families will be asked to also support responsive mask wearing. A face covering will be provided to every student and staff member in grades 8-12. Teachers will implement social distancing, strategic seating/grouping, and hand sanitizing/handwashing as often and feasible as possible.

The specific guidelines for wearing masks for students and staff will be adjusted based upon current CDC guidelines, community cases, risk analysis, and large group interactions.

Changes to Classroom Procedures:

  • Desks all facing the same direction for the majority of instruction.
  • We cannot guarantee 6ft distance between desks in all classrooms – difficult to manage with some class spaces, class sizes, and coursework
  • Doorstops for class changes to limit door handle contact
  • Change to hall pass
  • Group work permitted in class – teacher reminding students of face covering expectation
  • Additional cleaning supplies provided so that students can clean their area upon arrival to the classroom – “start clean”

Additional Changes:

  • Outside guests will be limited to essential and pre-approved visitation. Cafeterias will be closed to parents and outside guests, as well as the utilization of volunteers, except by a pre-approval system with the school administrator.
  • Any visitor in the building will be required to wear a face covering.
  • Field trips – Curricular field trips may still be approved on a case by case basis, but will be limited in scope and size. When requesting approval for a field trip, CDC guidelines/school policies regarding COVID-19 will be followed.
  • Rebel Roast can open but masks must be worn the entire time making/serving – just as a restaurant is required to do.
  • Athletic events, concerts, and school program guidelines will be made available prior to each event and closely mirror the district’s overall guidelines to allow for parental choice of participation.

Final Thoughts

Our number one priority continues to be the health and safety of our students, and we appreciate the support and flexibility of our MHS families as we determine the best ways to serve our students during the midst of a pandemic. Regardless of which option families select, online or on-campus, we will continue to provide all of our students the quality education that is synonymous with Maryville High School. The faculty and administration would like to remind our students to continue "wrapping their arms around one another" (virtually of course), as we embrace the challenges and opportunities ahead.