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Week of March 4-8

Setting the Standard

I am so proud of the growth I have seen from these students. To think about the leaps and bounds of improvements is quite amazing, and I am so excited to see where they will be at the end of this year. As the end of the year approaches my expectations are now higher. This change is for many reasons but the two most important are due to the fact they should now know how my class is set up and ran and because I am now preparing them for 5th grade. Many students are seeing my stricter expectations and are feeling the pressure, so I wanted to make sure you at home are aware of my increased standards.

Here is a short synopsis of how my class is set up:

  • On Monday the students are given what I call a "Learning Ticket" which has the entire week's assignments listed. This approach is so there are no surprises as to what we will be doing and it will also help students know what they missed when they are absent.
  • The top part of the Learning Ticket is each day's required assignment. These assignments correlate with each day's lesson and help me see if they understood what was taught.
  • The middle section is called "Learning Extensions" and these are the activities students need to work on during center time. During this time students are being pulled for tutoring, working in a small group with me, and are on iStation. If the students are not at one of these locations they are to be working and completing a Learning Extension activity.
  • On Friday, their Learning Ticket with all their assignments must be stapled and turned in. I take into account how often students were being pulled into centers and the number of Learning Extensions the student should have completed. On average a student should successfully complete at least 2 Learning Extensions weekly.

At the beginning of the year I was more lenient on late assignments and assignments that were completed incorrectly, but now all students should know when things are due and how they are to be completed. We have had many talks about managing our time and taking more responsibility in evaluating what needs to be completed. I remind my students every Wednesday that if they feel they are behind to take some work home to complete.

While many, many kids are rising to meet my expectations some are having some difficulties with rushing through work and not following the directions or just simply not turning in assignments on the due date.

I ask that you have weekly conversations at home reinforcing the importance of being responsible and I think this will help in preparing them for the 5th grade.

This has been a successful year and I want them to finish the year totally prepared for their educational future. Together we can make a difference for the better!

Much Love,

Destine' Grobe

What's Happening @ Mcgowen?

Important Dates and Events & This Week's Objectives

March 4- March 8

Monday: Writing District Assessment

Tuesday: Reading District Assessment &

Open House 6:00-7:00

March 11-15




I will finish reading a historical fiction novel, A Line in the Sand.

I will focus on foreshadowing events that occur and connect what I read to myself and to the historical events that actually occurred.

Social Studies:

I will explore and explain the importance of one of these historical Texas figures:

Stephen F. Austin

James Bowie

William Travis

Sam Houston

Col. Burleson