pacman or gamin watch

by:eric mallow


Pacman was a game where you are a little man in a weird puzzle and you have to get all the dots and the big dots where super powers and it made the ghost turn blue and you can eat them the big dots are called pacdots and the little ones are caalled pacdots i dont know if they made another game for pacman but if you are a pacman fan i think you want to be on this side for pacman but gamin watch he's a different story
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created by gunpei yokoi in superflat world his aperiance in smash bro was suprizing i had no idea this guy exist i thought smashbros made it up but when i was doing rsearch i found a website called smashpedia witch is all of the smash bros charaters and there history its at the bottom of the page so gaminwatch i dont know about you if you fought pacman
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