I've Got Things to do With My Life

By Mike Towle


Well, have you ever wondered who should be looked at as a bigger hero (Military or Pro athletes)? In" I've got things to do With My Life" Pat Tillman is both of these. Pat Tillman was a Freshman in High School and was cut from the varsity baseball team. After being cut he decided to go out for football and started varsity at Linebacker as a sophomore, junior, and senior. Earning a scholarship to ASU (the last scholarship avaliable).

The head coach for ASU said Tillman was a very hard worker for him his 4 years. Tillman's senior year he was named Pac-12 Defensive Player of the Year. After his senior year he declared for the NFL draft, in the draft he was picked up by the Arizona Cardinals. In the prime of his career(7 figure contract) he decided to hang up his cleats for the military. He asked his family and friends to keep him enlisting a secret to the public. He joined the Elite Army Rangers to fight The War Against Terrorism. If you want to find out what happens go check out the book.

Author Details

He wrote "I remember Jim Valvano", Pete Rose Baseball Charlie Horse", " I Remember Bobby Jones"