Frankelen and The Wife of Bath

Michael Luke McDowell, Mahey Hamza


Frankelen is an outgoing and optimistic southern Gentleman. Generous and successful he is respected and well liked in his community. He is a very Rich landowner, and even a member of Parliament. He sprouts a Snow White beard that covers his ruddy complexion. st the height of his success, he chooses to spend his time indulging in food and drink and sharing it with all of his guests. He loves people and values quality time spent with his peers. His house is filled with all sorts of meats and breads, ales and wines. I believe he has chosen to embark on the pilgrimage mainly for a social reason. He wishes to accompany his peers so that he may spend quality time with them and grow stronger friendships. Frankelen is a good man who truly loves the company of others.

Wife of Bath

Wife of bath has a wise personality from her multiple

experiences with love (five husbands ). She has a

very bold outlook on life which focuses on power, money , and sex. She is

described as having a very vivid physical appearance. She has red hair, a "bold" face, a broad shape, and a gap in her tooth. Her social position in society focuses on her clothe-making store. She's more confident and money-driven in her actions unlike most of the other ladies in her town. she has also traveled to different places, and has open views on sex which gives her a "male-figure" type of social standing in her society.

Two quotes

Frankelen - "A householder and that a great was he; Saint Julien he was in his Country."

- Chaucer

Wife of Bath -

(1) "Bold was her face and red of hue (Chaucer 458)"

This quote is significant because it helps readers picture her appearance, and from there the bold face suggests a prominent personality.

(2) " Of remedies of love she knew perchance, for she could of that art the olde dance (Chaucer 475)".

Readers can infer from this quote this quote that Wife of Bath has wisdom that came from many experiences with men.

Modern Day comparison

Frankelen- Here in America Frankelen would be in the top 10 percent of wealthiest people. He is a business man and a member of parliament. Rich and powerful he lives happily and comfortably. I would compare him to someone similar to Donald Trump, but maybe a bit nicer.

Wife of Bath- Wife of Bath compares to modern reality star, Kim Kardashian. Both women value money, power, and sex. They use sex to sell, and both wear high end fashion as a power statement.

How they may Interact

The wife of Bath would attempt to Seduce the rich and powerful Frankelen. She would want him for his money for she is driven by lust. She would probably try to marry him, or provide "services" for his protection and money. Frankelen would probably be okay with this for his entire life is now about endulging in all sorts of pleasure. Plus he is quite an alcoholic so he could be used easily without knowing the wife of baths true intent. ( money, and status)