Hello for Allied Arts!

Art, Gym, Health, and Music

News from the Health Room!

Spotlight on Oral Health!

Oral Health Study Opportunity: If you would like to participate in a toothpaste study and receive a Target Gift Card, see information on flyer below!
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October's Health Unit: Nutrition!

All students taking Health for Quarter 1 have learned how to reading nutrition labels and make their own healthy food choices. The 8th graders viewed the documentary, Fed UP, which highlights the role the food industry plays in our country's obesity epidemic.
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8 Healthy After-School Snacks


A popular food in Brazil. Click the link for the recipe!

Cooking and Gardening with the Century 21 After-School Program

In October, students helped weed Butler's beautiful garden beds and plant garlic with Mrs. Curran and Mill City Grows. If you would like to become a member of our Garden Committee, please email Mrs. Curran: mcurran@lowell.k12.ma.us. Our goal is to grow foods that represent all of the amazing cultures in our Butler community.

News from the ART room!

5th grade is learning about the 7 Elements of Art! These are aspects of art that can be found in every type of artwork. They just completed a creative color wheel lesson where they mixed/painted all 12 colors in the color wheel to make their own creative wheel.

6th grade is expanding on their understanding of the Elements of Art and putting their knowledge into action by painting a landscape incorporating the elements of art: value by mixing five different shades of one color to make a landscape.

7th grade has been learning about Surrealism. An art form that finds beauty in the unexpected by creating dream-like worlds. They created surreal rooms using one-point perspective and have begun making abstract watercolor paintings practicing looking at their artwork and the things around them in a new way.

8th graders just finished drawings and paintings with one-point perspective, using a horizon line and vanishing point to make objects look smaller as they move further away into the distance. This method allows their artwork look more realistic and can help to spot fake images on social media or in the news.

You can always check out what Butler students are creating by visiting the Butler Virtual Art Gallery on our school website!