Tiger Tales

9/5/22 - 9/9/22

A wonderful, short, four day week!

There were only four days of school this week but they were full of learning and community building. Check out what we've been up to so far and what's coming soon!
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VPK Focuses on Friendship and Faith

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We learn love for the Lord by showing love to each other. We learn love for each other by showing love to the Lord.


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Congratulations to...

VPK3: Elena

VPK4: Nahila

K: Prynce

1st: Eiden

2nd: Karl

3rd: Kelsie

4th: Zoelee

5th: Roman

6th: Bryan

7th: Angelina

9/10 HR: Britshey

11th: John

12th: Evelyn


K: Bella

1st: Jovanni

2nd: Noah

3rd: Julius

4th: Eithan

5th: Castiel

7th: Rafael

9/10 HR: Paul

11th: Julian

12th: Marcus


Jesse (8th)


Krysliannis (7th)

Collaborative Learning in 9/10 Biology

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2nd Grade Goes on a 'Noun Scavenger Hunt'!

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Mrs. B knows that DOING is best

This week, 2nd graders explored the school looking for people, places, and things on their NOUN SCAVENGER HUNT. Project-based and hands-on learning are so important to us here at Trinity. We know that worksheets and rote memorization are NOT the paths to success. Engagement, movement, and practicing skills in real-life scenarios are statistically much more effective - and of course, WAY more fun!

Great job, Mrs. B and 2nd grade!

literacy in VPK4

Students enjoy interactive story time during Morning Meeting and play Letter Bingo!

Ready for snack in 4th grade

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culinary club returns!

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Middle and High School Culinary Club returned this week, led by Ms. Kat. The students made delicious desserts with strawberry and guava filling. Yum!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Kindergarten celebrated a friend's birthday today and everyone got to enjoy!

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Solar system project presentation day in 3rd grade

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Ms. Shani and her 3rd grade students were OUT OF THIS WORLD today with their amazing 3D solar system projects and presentations. The students did AWESOME work and we love to see more interactive, engaging, project-based learning. Look at those SMILES!

Lady Tigers Volleyball

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Come cheer on our team!

Please join us for games - both HOME and AWAY - and support our student athletes! We are so proud of you, Tigers!

4th Grade Explores Nature and Our Four (Or More) Legged Friends

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Ms. Foster and her 4th graders made natural habitats for some of our lizard friends this week to connect to curriculum based around local environment. The students LOVED getting out in the sunshine and applying what they'd learned in the books to what they saw all around them.

5th Grade begins their space station activity

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Mrs. Sharman and her 5th graders began their space station project this week. This is a project that allows students to show what they've learned about the space station by building model space stations and then writing about what they've created and why. Factoring different learning modalities into instruction and using 'writing across the curriculum' helps students to solidify their skills and subject matter understanding. And....HAVE FUN! Great job, Mrs. Sharman and 5th grade!


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Mrs. Moratelli and her high school Life Skills class made DELICIOUS tomato soup, croutons, and salads this week using fresh garden ingredients. Hands-on, project-based, and RELEVANT instruction - SO much better than paper and pencil!

Great job, Mrs. Moratelli and Life Skills class!

'Hear no evil, see no evil' Peace Circle in 2nd/3rd Grade

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2nd and 3rd grade students participated in PEACE CIRCLE today. Peace Circle is a time once a month when grades combine for fellowship and faith-based fun. Today, 2nd and 3rd grades participated and the activity centered around 'Hear no evil, see no evil'. It required students to LISTEN and TRUST one another, just as we are called to listen to and trust God every single day.

Thank you to Mrs. Owens and her 11th grade Worship Class students for planning and creating the Peace Circle curriculum. Many thanks to Mrs. B and Ms. Shani for facilitating today's activity.

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Join us for weekly Chapel services

Every Wednesday -

MS/HS: 8:30am to 9:10am

VPK - 5th: 9:20am to 10am

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Thank you for partnering with us

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Our staff is committed every day to providing quality academic education as well as social-emotional education guided by God's love and His commands. We require more of ourselves at Trinity because God asks us to. We are not public school on purpose. We are driven by faith and a trust in the Lord that asks us to be better tomorrow than we were today in an effort to glorify Him in all of our thoughts, words, and deeds.

We thank our parents and families for supporting our efforts and partnering with us in requiring the BEST from your child, as each student here is capable, special, and WORTH IT. Each student here is always - every day - unspeakably precious to us, and to Him.

Have a blessed and beautiful weekend!

Angela Gomes


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Muchas culturas... Una iglesia. Una escuela. Una familia.

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