By: Emma Doyle

What is Perseverance?

Perseverance is the act of continuing a task with determination until it's completed. A person who perseveres will not, under any circumstances, give up and stop trying. In this newsletter, you will learn about some special individuals, including Nadja Salerno-Sonnenberg and Eula Hall, who have persevered through many difficulties in their lives, but found the courage to keep going, for themselves and others.

Ratchet and Hunter vs. Nadja Salerno-Sonnenberg (Compare and Contrast)

Ratchet writes the essay about Moss Tree Park to use her PERSEVERANCE and stand up for the things that are important to her. Then Hunter MUSTERS up the courage and sends the essay to the newspaper. Ratchet ends up winning the essay contest and the $50 prize.

Similarly, Nadja doesn’t really believe she’s good enough but she goes to the violin audition anyway, low in confidence. To her surprise, Nadja ends up blowing the judges away with her spectacular violin playing skills.

My Mom (Description)

When I was 7 or 8, my mom tripped over a higher part of a sidewalk and landed on her left hand. We found out that day it was indeed broken. This was quite the ADVERSITY. She even had to have surgery to have needles inserted to put the bones back in place. It was really hard to see my mom injured like this because there were some things that I had to help her with that I didn’t really know how to do at the time.

Even months after her injury, my mom had to take physical therapy to help her regain the functions and abilities she once had in her hand but lost. Today, my mom is perfectly healed and healthy and looks back on her injury not only as an adversity, but a situation that strengthened her inner COMBATIVE nature.

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A similar brace to the one my mom had

Caine's Arcade (Problem and Solution)

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Caine's Arcade

Eula Hall (Cause/Effect)

Even though everyone else in her country was COMPLACENT, Eula Hall wanted to make a difference in the medical world for those in need, but there was only one problem. She had no medical license, degree, or training. This was very OVERWHELMING because it meant there was no way she could get a job helping the sick or injured because she wasn’t qualified to do so. Despite these setbacks, Eula formed a health organization to help those in need of medical attention in her impoverished country.

Eula Hall: A lifelong soldier in the fight against poverty

Lorenzo (Sequence)

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