The Mayans

by Noah Sandbothe

Explation of the Mayans

The Mayans were a civilization that lived in many cities like Tikal and that is in rain forests in Guatemala and that is where most all of the other cities are located to and they believed in multiple gods.

Achievements on the mayans

Their best one was the Mayan calender because the Mayans had a very advanced calender it was so advanced that they made a lot of current day people think that the world would end in 2012 because that is when the Mayan calender ended. Another one is the Temples because they had huge temples and when they built them there was no iron tools to help them so they had to build it all by hand. The third thing is the farmland and they had a lot of it, they did it in wet lands so they wouldn't need to water them but they had no tractors or hoes so they had to plant and harvest all the plants by hand.

The Mayan Religion

They believed in many different gods their main ones were Itzamna, Kukulcáa, Quetzalcoatl, Bolon, Tzacab, and Chac. They also made human sacrifices by killing them then taking their heart out.
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When and Where the Mayans Ruled

The Mayans lived in Mesoamerica from 200 AD to 900 AD and no one knows why or how they diapered.

What the Mayans invented

They invented Pottery and they also invented the pyramids by building the temples so that is another thing. The third thing was Ball courts and we don't use them for the same reasons that they did and it was to choose who was sacrificed. The last thing I am going to list is they invented basketball by playing a game the loser would be sacrificed.
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The Mayan Government

The main leader was the king (Emperor) he was in lead command and so everyone respected him. But there was another leader it was a Priest and he didn't have the same authority as the king but he was still considered a leader.
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Facts About the Mayans with a video

One thing is the Mayans thought having cross eyes and a tall head was attractive.

Another thing is that they did rituals to heal because they thought it would work.

The third thing is the Mayans like to use blue in their high honor temples.

The last thing is The Mayans used Saunas to relax their leaders like the King and Queen and the Priest.

10 Interesting Facts About The Ancient Mayans

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