WANTED ALIVE: Cardiac Muscle Cell

Flyer Created by Kat Norwood

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Muscle cells have a branch-like shape. They have two different colored bands, like stripes, wrapped around itself. The stripes are two different colors. One of the stripes are darker and thicker while the other ones are thinner and lighter.


Cardiac muscle cells have a single nucleus, they work without the brain telling them to. They make up muscle tissue in the heart which creates most of the heart's mass.


Cardiac muscle cells are only found within the heart. They cannot be found anywhere else within the human body.

Unusual Traits:

Powered by an electrical signaling system within the body to contract and help push blood withing the heart. Instead of being individual cells and floating around, all the cells are linked together by disks and create a layer of fibrous tissue.


Known to effectively and efficiently pump and push blood through the heart and different blood vessels within the body.

Known Associates:

The cardiac muscle cell isn't the only known muscle in the body. It is also associated with the skeletal muscle cells and the smooth muscle cells.


Structures of the muscles within animal organisms have developed overtime. The structure of muscles have changed therefore the cells are changing their structure to fit the animal's needs. More fibers needed to evolve because it created a stronger and healthier muscle structure.