Welcome Back

We have a lot on our back to over.


We have a lot to get ready for the next big test called ISTEP. This is the first year your 3rd graders get to take this test. I will send home a practice paper each night for your kids to get ready for math ISTEP. These papers will need to have there work and a answer for each problem and get them turned in each Friday to get 10 points.

Reading ISTEP

Also this year they will take Writing and reading test. Each mouth until ISTEP I will give them one or two writhing test. I will grade each of them with the grading rubric that the ISTEP people grade with. With reading I would like them to read each night for 15 min at least. they can write down the book pages read and how long they read. At the end of the mouth they can turn it in for 5 points and a prize.