by Ashley Ench

What is a processor ?

"A processor is the logic circuitry that responds to and processes the basic instructions that drive a computer."
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MacBook processor Price and options.

The average MacBook processor price is 1,199 to 1,499 dollars with 256GB. The computer is up to four times faster than the traditional. The MacBook Pro with Retina display is its worlds highest resolution. When you are getting emails, text messages, and watching movies , it would appears vibrants and sharp. Intel Core 17 processor uses codename and Broadwell. It has has great battery life which lasts 12 hours. Its light, thin, and portable-good for travel. Now builted for high-performance gaming, but can handle most office or school-related tasks. Comes with 4 GB or RAM, ships with Apple IOS X operating system (can also run Windows) no touchscreen Dual- Core Processor.
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Dell Inspiron

The Dell Inspiron is a silver-and-black machine that looks like it was meant to do its job, inside the deck is a grey type of color. It has a soft-touch coating that is very comfortable. Its price is 599 and 900 dollars. Intel Core 15 uses codename Haswell. Battery life is great-up to 6 hours. Bigger display with slightly better image clarity. Bulkier and heavier. The graphics processor is powerful and is able to run titles such as Grand Theft Auto V and Skyrim, comes with 8 GB of RAM, ships with Windows 8.1, touchscreen. It has a Duel-core processor, which means it can power to multiple applications.
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What do I want ?

What I would want to buy is a Macbook because after I did all that research I just noticed that the MacBook has amazing battery life, the speed is crazy and the light weight makes it really great for mobile use and great for traveling.
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