September Newsletter 2021

Sage Creek Elementary

Sprit Day

Each Friday is School Spirit Day - we encourage students and faculty to dress in Sage Creek shirts (new or former styles) or wear the color blue, our school color. Our PTA is hosting a friendly grade-level competition with treats involved.


It's time to get working on Reflections projects! The 2021-2022 Theme is "I Will Change the World by...."

All entries will be done on-line this year and will be due Friday, October 1st by 10:00 am.

For rules, FAQs, more information, and to submit entries, visit

Reflections flyer

Questions? Call/text Natalie Eldredge 385-313-0882


New Morning Procedure

We have a new morning procedure where we are asking students to sit in the cafeteria for 5-10 minutes until a bell rings at 8:55, which excuses them to either go to their classroom or outside to play.

Our first bus often arrives at the school a little after 8:40 and teachers arrive at school at 8:45. With that said, myself, Ms. Grant, and my lunch staff will provide supervision until teachers can get to their posts for duty at 8:55. Teachers need at least 10 minutes upon arrival to put their things away, grab last minute items from the workroom, and get to their designated spots for supervision.

We understand that the late start time caused by adding middle schools to the district's transportation schedule has caused issues with many of your work schedules and we appreciate you making arrangements for morning drop-off. Thank you for your patience with this new morning procedure.

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Mandarin Matrix

Mandarin Matrix licenses will be coming very soon! Please look for an email that will provide you with information as to how you can purchase Mandarin Matrix if your child is in the DLI program. Your child’s teacher is working on getting accounts activated and will send you log in information shortly.

Cell Phones

We ask kids to keep cell phones in backpacks and not have them out in class or during recess (too many issues with pictures, chat groups, texts, etc.). Some students feel their parents need to reach them during the school day - the front office can always get your child a message during the school day. If we have to repeatedly ask a student to put away his/her phone, we will hold that cell phone in a safe place for a parent to come pick up.


Mon-Fri, Aug 30-Sept 3 - all grades, Acadience reading assessment

Wed, Sept 3 - hearing screening, grades K, 1, 3, 5

Mon, Sept 6 - Labor Day, NO SCHOOL

Mon, Sept 20 - Teacher professional development day - NO SCHOOL

Tues, Sept 21 - Cougar Built Assembly