High School and Beyond Plan (HSBP)

Grade 12 HSBP Presentations (Running Start) Class of 2023

Greetings from the HSBP Office!

The High School and Beyond Plan (HSBP) has been a graduation requirement since 2009 and has specific requirements listed below. In the Fall we will schedule a time to meet with students in Grade 12 during their English (@ Mariner) or Social Studies (@ Kamiak) classes.

Students that are not scheduled in a class that will have a scheduled presentation (i.e. Running Start Students) can follow the self-directed directions for each task in the Class of 2023 HSBP Schoology Course AND schedule an individual appointment with an HSBP Specialist, or watch the recorded Grade 12 HSBP (Virtual) Presentation to complete their HSBP portfolio.

The completed HSBP portfolio is DUE September 30, 2022 for Running Start Students.

We look forward to working with you and reading your HSBP portfolio!

-Dr. Johns

HSBP Coordinator

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Students' HSBP Portfolio

As a reminder, Students' HSBP tasks are completed and stored in their HSBP portfolios. Students, please use this link to access your HSBP Portfolio: https://bit.ly/HSBPCompletion; use your Mukilteo School District login and password to access your portfolio.

Running Start Students, your completed HSBP portfolio is DUE September 30, 2022!

The HSBP Department is here to help!

Running Start Students must meet with the HSBP Department this September. You can attend a Grade 12 HSBP Zoom Presentation (a recorded virtual presentation is linked below) OR sign up for an individual appointment with the HSBP Department.

Remember...Running Start Students' completed HSBP portfolio is DUE September 30th, 2022.

Recorded: HSBP Grade 12 Running Start Virtual Presentation

Head into the Class of 2023 HSBP Schoology Course for HSBP Grade 12 Tasks and directions.


Class of 2023 HSBP Schoology Course

If you are not in the Schoology Course, use the Access Code to add yourself:



Class of 2023 HSBP Schoology Course

If you are not in the Schoology Course, use the Access Code to add yourself:


Required elements of the HSBP

In order to receive a Mukilteo School District diploma, students will need to complete all of their HSBP portfolio tasks. The required elements of a completed HSBP portfolio are:

  • Identification of students' career goals using career interest inventories.
  • Identification of students' educational goals.
  • A four-year course plan with an individualized personalized pathway that fulfills graduation requirements and aligns with students' career and educational goals, with information about academic acceleration (RCW 28A.320.195), dual credit courses, Career and Technical Education programs, and graduation pathway options.
  • A current résumé.
  • If students have not met standard on their state assessment (Smarter Balanced Assessment), this plan must include interventions and academic supports, additional courses, or both that will enable the student to meet the high school graduation requirements.
  • Identification of students' "Pathway to Graduation" and "Post Secondary Plan"
  • Evidence that student has received information on federal and state financial aid programs.


Kamiak HSBP Department

Ms. Ellen Forster

Kamiak High School HSBP Specialist
Click on this link to schedule an appointment with Ms. Forster

Dr. Alexandria Johns

Mukilteo School District HSBP Coordinator