The average cost of mega session

The average cost of mega session in Pakistan

Extracting and implanting thousands of hair follicles in one or two consecutive sessions is known as mega session. These are safe procedures that are performed by the experienced expert hair surgeons. There are many benefits of these sessions for the patients. The most important is that it reduces the over all price of the total surgical treatment. The number of graft during these sessions ranges from twenty five hundred to thirty five hundred. It is also helpful for the surgeon to obtain more follicles because it can save his time. Now the big hair transplant session is also conducted by some surgeons. There are many hair restoration surgeons and clinics in Pakistan that are offering these larger hair surgical sessions to the patients. These are located in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad. It is important for the patients to find the average prices needed for such sessions in the country. Fortunately, it is among those countries that charge an economical price for providing hair surgeries.

To find the average price, it is important for the patients to ask from the previously treated patients that have gone through these big sessions in the past. They can ask from their friend and family circle. They can also take help from the users or members of various hair loss forums. They can also read the blogs of both patients and surgeons to find the total price of the treatment. It is important that they should visit the official websites of clinics and surgeons. If the total price is not mentioned on their website, they can take their numbers. They can contact the relevant clinic or surgeon and ask them about the price they charge for a large session.

The price of a larger session through follicular unit transplant ranges from twelve hundred dollars to two thousand dollars in Pakistan. This price is significantly less as compared to other countries. This treatment is also cheap in the country because this needs less time of surgeon. He needs to put a less effort in performing his surgical procedure over the patient. Usually these large sessions are performed within a single session. If compared to the treatment price in other countries, patients will find that they are very expensive. It is estimated that from five thousand to ten thousand dollars are needed by the patients for obtaining larger sessions in the United States. The cost also lowered down because as the number of hair graft increases, the average price of single FUT graft decreases. Those who want to obtain fewer hair grafts have to pay more for getting a single FUT graft.

Expert and experienced surgeons in Pakistan are there to provide the high quality treatment to the patients on a reasonable an affordable price. Patients from different countries also came here to get a low cost treatment. They want to get a large hair surgical session on low price from this country. If they get their surgical session here, they can save their sixty percent of the money. The results are natural and desirable after the surgical session.

The mega session hair transplant cost in Pakistan varies from one clinic to another clinic. The reason is that the clinics that are located in commercialized areas are charging more money for providing these treatments. Surgeons those have years of experience in performing large surgical treatments during one or two sessions also charge more fees as compared to inexpert surgeons. They accurately perform the treatment and minimize the chances of graft failures. So they charge more money from patients and make the treatment expensive.

Healthy competition in hair loss industry also lowers hair transplant cost in Pakistan for mega session. However Fue hair transplant in Pakistan is more costly than strip procedure due to laborious and time taking procedure.